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Oliver Stone's My Lai Massacre
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Interesting stuff this week from Len about Oliver Stone nearly making a movie about the My Lai Massacre.

    Discussed previously in this forum was how Bob Dornan used My Lai to derail Jim Garrison and Mort Sahl from informing America about what really happened to JFK on the Steve Allen Show.

    Sy Hersh was able to use My Lai as a limited hangout to cover for Operation Phoenix. My guess is Oliver was ready to put it in it's proper context. That would explain why it never got made.

  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Interview Audio - Part Three - Jim Garrison
    Jim Garrison on the Steve Allen Show with Mort Sahl & Robert K. Dornan
    Steve Allen takes an informal poll of his audience on their belief in the Warren Report
    Jim explains how he became involved in the JFK assassination
    David Ferrie's drive to Dallas on the assassination weekend to go "ice skating"
    Jim leaves us wondering when he talks about the imminent danger before LBJ is innaugurated
    After the innauguration the danger magically dissipates... an inference that LBJ was involved
    Garrison turned Ferrie over to the FBI... and they had no interest
    Garrison met with Sen. Russell Long that started his comprehensive interest in the assassination
    About the directions of the shots
    Bethesda, Dr Humes and the illegal removal of JFK's corpse from Dallas
    A Military General interfered with the autopsy
    Steve gets Jim's comments on a 1966 Time Magazine article
    Robert Dornan presses Garrison about the 60's political assassinations
    Garrison answers coherently and concisely while being berated by Dornan
    Mort Sahl explains Kennedy was removed for a reason
    Dornan tries to twist a quote and Garrison straightens it out
    Garrison points out JFK never sent combat troops to Vietnam, "only advisors"
    JFK predicted America's loss in Vietnam should America begin to fight there
    Dornan pulls out facts and figures to make his points and blames Kennedy for Vietnam
    Steve Allen and Bob Dornan discuss William Calley and the Mi Lai Massacre
    Mort Sahl Comments; The Green Beret's were formed as a freedom force by Kennedy
    Their mandate was changed by the people who killed Kennedy
    Garrison talks about Kennedy was going to remove all troops from Vietnam by 1965
    He tells us this is what, primarily was the trigger that killed Kennedy
    Dornan says he doesn't think they would send American men to Vietnam to die
    Garrison interjects with "Well then, how did they get over there?" to the applause of the audience
    Several points showing the media is beginning to believe the Warren Report was a fraud
    When and why did the media go back to sleep?
    Dornan asks the direct question "Did the CIA kill Kennedy?" Garrison answers "Of course"
    A few Kennedy quotes showing further that he objected to US involvement in Vietnam 
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Show #366 
    Original airdate: March 20 2008

    Interview Audio - Part One - Jim DiEugenio
    A bit about last week's Steve Allen/Jim Garrison interview
    Bob Dornan aka B29 Bob - 'Dis-informationalist'
    Bringing up Calley & Mi Lai was to muddy the waters in the interview
    Mort Sahl was asked to do a hatchet job on Garrison
    For interest's sake Mort Sahl's website
    Once he found out Jim was an honest man, he couldn't
    Sahl took up the anti-Warren Report cause
    He was essentially blackballed in the entertainment world after that
    The Johnny Carson/Jim Garrison interview
    Carson was fully scripted and very uncomfortable
    Garrison was the man who started the
    The obstruction of Garrison
    CIA interference causing documents to me ignored
    Sergio Arcacha-Smith et al & Dealy Plaza sewer system maps
    The media deception

    The CIA, The media and Clay Shaw
    Judge Herbert Christenberry, Clay Shaw and the Shaw trial
    The devastating Charles Spiesel testimony
    Jim feels the Shaw case had gone south long before the Spiesel bomb
    The Warren Commission Report was ruled 'hearsay' and inadmissable as evidence
    Bernardo De Torres infiltrated Garrison's investigation before it started