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  • pat1pat1
    Posts: 15
    Can anyone tell me why Gary Mack changed his story after appearing in "the men who killed kennedy" what happened to his belief that it was a conspiracy?

    Also I am trying to put together a piece on Roger Craig who was a policeman who killed himself in 73 involved with the case?


  • Gary Mack... what a guy.

    Money don't get everything it's true
    What it don't get, I can't use
    Now give me money
    That's what I want

    You've probably seen this?
  • pat1pat1
    Posts: 15
    :) Thanks much appreciated!
  • I may be wrong so someone please correct me if I am indeed so....but it seems to me that Mr. Mack changed his tune one he became employed by the 6th Floor Museum...

    Bill Ambrosino
    Reno Nv
  • PurpleHazePurpleHaze
    Posts: 717
    author said:

    I may be wrong so someone please correct me if I am indeed so....but it seems to me that Mr. Mack changed his tune once he became employed by the 6th Floor Museum...

    Bill Ambrosino
    Reno Nv

    I don't think you're alone in that opinion, Bill.  ;)

    > To:
    Subject: The 6th Floor Boycott

    After reading all these letters about this boycott of the 6th floor museum, I can't believe what I'm reading. Is this the same Gary Mack who worked with Jack White on the Mary Morman photo which they showed two suspicious figures behind the picket fence?

    What happened? Did someone promise Gary Mack the job at the 6th Floor Museum if he promised to join in covering up the Assassination?

    Gary, if you read these E-mails, I hope you can realize what you're doing. You had a piece of evidence in the Mary Morman photo that can prove once an for all that a conspiracy to place on November 22, 1963. However, like the Government you have decided to discard that evidence. Why?

    I find Col. Prouty's writings about the Secret Team to be accurate about what happen, not only in Kennedy's Assassination but also in covering up the crime and what kind of Government that Nixon was running.

    I think sometimes the truth is hard to swallow and Gary Mack look right at the truth and blinked.


    Mack used to be on the level. Perry came to town, and somehow (mind control? money? blackmail? threats?) took Gary over, in my opinion, and turned him 180 degrees.

    In my opinion, Perry got Gary the job at the museum, and Mack became a stooge/mouthpiece for Perry.
    I think Perry is a low level CIA disinformation agent.

    His best friend is Gus Russo, and I guess you have heard about his new CIA financed book."
    - Bob Vernon

    The late great comedian Bill Hicks summed it up beautifully.
    He said that he was amazed when he visited the sixth floor museum. And awed by the painstaking reproduction of the snipers nest. And do you know how to tell it was painstakingly authentic, just like the day JFK was killed?

    Because Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't there.
    - Michael Pizzolla

    The Sixth Floor Boycott

    Gary Mack - Roger Craig,120.0.html
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444

    Sun Apr-18-10 09:24 PM

    RightWingPropaganda: NASCAR » Rick Perry » Lone*Nutters » 6th Floor

    Speed TV had a feature from the 6th floor museum on their NASCAR
    Pre-Race Show. This was just prior to today's scheduled race in Texas.
    This feature was immediately followed by an interview with driver Bobby
    Labonte, who happens to be sponsored by the Rick Perry for Governor
    Campaign. At the end of the piece about the 6th floor Gary Mack turns to
    Kyle Petty, and reflects on the fact that this amazing driver is
    brought here today by the act of a 24-year old, who couldn't even drive.

    is not amazing though is the fact that these right-wingers of NASCAR,
    Governor Rick Perry, and LoneNutters, would all have a vested interest
    in promulgating the Oswald acted alone myth.

    Birds of a Feather???...
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Great line by Len a few weeks back. Bill O'Reilly suffering from, "Gary Mack Syndrome."

    Update on NASCAR and JFK: Rick Santorum, who took a shot at JFK recently, ...

    Santorum says he ‘almost threw up’ after reading JFK speech

    on separation of church and state

    Santorum, like Rick Perry a couple years ago, has sponsored a Car in NASCAR the first 2 weeks of the season:



    Gary Mack and The Sixth Floor Museum | The Education Forum

  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444

    The Sixth Floor's Message to History: Just Hush Now

  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444

    Let's Throw a Surprise Party for the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination