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Digital layering Video manipulation of the 911scene
  • DoctornoDoctorno
    Posts: 234
    It does not matter to me that there are Planes as described, different than described, or no planes.

    If proof of filtering of the content shown us on 911 can be demonstrated, then it was a MIHOP, plain and simple.

    This video, from official archives shows so many "Special Effects" that cannot be explained away by errors or technical difficulties I do not know why Americans aren't marching on D.C.  except for them not knowing such exists

    If The Roads are Rolling, Why do we still need cars or gasoline 7 years later?

    The Verrazzano Bridge, at least, seems to be moving at about 50 mph, as needed.

    Which begs the question, Why haven't the video creators of this SHOW been nominated for special effects?