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Jean Hill show??
  • I keep trying to listen to it but it links to something completely different. Like the show number is 384 and when Len starts talking he says it's show 364. I was wondering why this is and if there is any way I can listen to Jean's interview. I would love to hear what she has to say. So if anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. :) :)
  • Anyone??? ???
  • Hi 4ever,
    I just listen to the show like yourself, but think I can help.
    I looked at the show 384a, its a re-run, but its a re-run that has Jean Hill... so you may have picked a bad example :D

    But its common for archived shows to be delayed or has inproper info or links for a few days, its just the way Len does it, but its normally corrected by Sunday or so.  I agree its confusing, but I see what he is doing.. he copies the format from the show before and uses it as a placeholder until he can get the correct info and links up, and all too often he gets the info up but with the wrong link for one of the parts... but eventually he always gets things right.
  • Thanks for the info. :)