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Prouty on Wikipedia
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    I took the liberty of editing Prouty's page on Wikipedia to the following effect.  Whereas the article previously claimed that Prouty believed FDR was assassinated by the "Churchill Gang", this claim has been deleted.

    A careful look at Prouty's article "Who Killed Franklin D. Roosevelt?" shows that Prouty's thesis was only this:

    "We all know that there are amazing stories that can not be found in the history books. That is what I am saying here."

    Prouty recounted an anecdote previously published in PARADE and used it to simply suggest that there is more to history than the history books.

    Best wishes.
  • MinMMinM
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    Show #335

    Original airdate: Aug 16, 2007
    Guest: Jim Fetzer

    Topic: The upcoming North American Union conference

    Audio Part Three

    Jim starts with a warning about another 9/11 to coincide with the North American Union Conference, Aug 20 - Aug 22

    Government insiders that aren't in alignment with the current
    point of view in Washinmgton will be left out of the loop and left
    'without access'
    Len asks the question "What evidence makes every attack the work of Al-Qaeda?"
    Jim talks about Depleted Uranium
    Jim also discusses the current relevance with Gen Smedley Butler's book "War Is A Racket"
    The CIA Editing Wikipedia - No longer information you can trust
    BBC article Wikipedia 'shows CIA page edits'
    He talks about three possible locations for a false flag attack attempt to coincide with the North American Union Conference
    Jim touches on Karl Rove's leaving Washington at the end of the month
    Impeachment is "reqired", not optional. How can Nancy Pelosi take this off the table?
    An article by Actor Richard Belzer. Belzer says Bugliosi a "Laughing Stock" among researchers

    Len reminds the Laughing Stock of the Intenet" moniker still belongs to john mcadams

  • MinMMinM
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    Show #455

    Original airdate: Dec 31st, 2009

    Guest: Jim DiEugenio

    Topic: Listener Email / Buglosi Book Review Con't

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

    Part 6 - Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, and Bugliosi's Bungle
    How Ruby got into the basement of the Dallas police station. Jim describes why he didn't walk down the ramp
    Bugliosi says he did in spite of witnesses who knew Ruby and did not see him
    Billy Grammar identified Ruby as the man that made the warning phonecall. Bugliosi leaves him out of the book
    Western Union was close to City Hall... Ruby didn't need perfect timing... He could've easily have been signaled
    The horns that went off perhaps signalling Ruby to shoot Oswald
    Captain Fritz strangely distances himself from Oswald just before Ruby shot
    He was also noteable for looking the wrong way during the incident. Everyone but Fritz was looking at Ruby
    Ruby's reaction when he found out Oswald had died
    Jim explains why his review of Reclaiming History was so in depth
    A discussion of the Tom Hanks production that tries to bring the Bugliosi book to the screen...
    ...It may not make production!
    Page details on mcadams and wikipedia
    How Wikipedia will delete corrections to their pages even when the man written about makes the corrections
    The result is the official story is often supported even if it's proven false or incorrect
    Happy New Year Black Op Fans!

  • MinMMinM
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    Show #537

    Original airdate: July 28, 2011

    Guests: Jerry Policoff / Jim DiEugenio

    Topics: Murdoch / JFK Research

    Play Part Two - Jim DiEugenio

    CTKA, Bill Kelly has Journalists and JFK Part 3 up, Hugh Ainsworth, Priscilla Johnson, Gordon McClendan
    Bill Davey has Wikipedia series Part 4 coming, Seamus Coogan MJ-12 coming up
    Jim to review The Second Dallas film, Bill Kelly to update the Chicago Plot
    Anton Batey, not his real name, is it Paul Nolan, Larry Dunkel?
    Ruby testimony, three people named Tippit on the Dallas police force? Jim does not think it valid.
    Gerald Blaine, Secret Service agents Q&A regarding their book, The Kennedy Detail, mis-trust in government
    Agent Hill's accurate description of head wound, Peter Scott, Oswald's CIA files, inaccurate information
    An Angleton program using marked cards? Jim disagrees with Scott, are the Three Tramps important, a diversion
    Jim is more than skeptical, reseaching Three Tramps, wasting time, Lee Bowers, saw a metal object thrown into a car
    One sniper team at the Grassy Knoll, better evidence to concentrate on, Tippit shooting timing, about 1:07 or 1:08 (pm)
    Jim does not think Oswald was at the scene, odd, Tippit seems to be out of his (patrol) area, part of the overall plot

    Pat Spear put it on Spartacus, (Captain) Fritz breaks the protection pocket, the research community is fragmented
    John McAdams banned for life, JFK case is like a Rorschach test, what do you see?
    Obama/Bush, shooter on the second floor? German mauser, an Enfield, new book by Mark Lane, due in November
    Kennedy reduced Cuban Exile force, back channel to Castro, Max Holland, defense of the Warren Commission
    Gary Cornwell, Deputy Counsel for HSCA, reality is irrelevant, two shows dropped from archives, Janet Phelan
    James Phelan, reporter, in contact with the FBI, Garrison documents, government stooge, Maheu, Robert Loomis

  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Show #503

    Original airdate: Dec 2, 2010

    Guest: Jacque Fresco with Roxanne Meadows/ Jim DiEugenio

    Topics: The Venus Project /JFK Research

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

    Black Op Radio Conference April 2011 Register Now

    Jim discusses the upcoming battle against HBO’s slur campaign against JFK.
    Jim points out many holes in Bugliosi’s theories.
    Len is canvassing for ideas for the Hawaii conference. email him Len Osanic
    Would fans of Black Op Radio like to see a WC debate between Jim & Bugliosi in Hawaii?
    Len points out Wikipedia is a fraud ran by people whose goal is to manipulate public opinion.
    Who REALLY controls the Wikipedia website?
    Can Black Op Radio put a wrench in the opposition?
    Will there ever be an honourable, unbiased, truth seeking Media in North America?
    What do Jim Garrison, Olive Stone Richard Sprague have in common?
    Why is there a split in the 9/11 researching community?
    How do we develop quality control to ensure researchers or distributed research is credible?
    What were the key players in 1974’s Watergate doing in 1963?
    Does a Shadow Government operate behind closed doors, controlling our elected Government?
    What happens to Nixon after firing Helms?
    Who created Operation 40 and why?
    How was Operation 40 built into the Bay of Pigs?
    Who was Allen Dulles’ & Richard Helms' go to Mr. Dirty Man?
    Why has only one reporter seen Sam Halpern’s Top Secret report on Operation 40?
    Why did Chip Berlet attack Col. L. Prouty when Oliver Stone’s JFK came out?
    What orders did James McCord & David Phillips in regards to the Fair Play For Cuba Committee?
    Why did James McCord deny knowing about Oswald?
    Why was Howard Hunt in charge of recruiting Cubans?
    Why does Amy Goodman sometimes “bushwack” her guests?
    Why does Amy Goodman ridicule those interested in the assassinations of JFK, RFK & MLK?
    What did Lisa Pease discover about Chip Berlet and James Angleton?

  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Show #568

    Original airdate: March 1, 2012

    Guest: Jim DiEugenio

    Topics: Assassination Research / Listener Questions

    Play Part One - Jim DiEugenio (1:30:31)       Real Media or MP3 download

    Thanks for the t-shirt ideas and the facebook 50 reasons the WC is wrong input
    Harvey and Lee (1997), two Oswalds, how can that be? Meeting with John in Hawaii
    Jim's review of Winner-Take-All Politics (Hacker/Pierson 2011)
    Jim might write a book about Obama and FDR, two men, the Democratic party, the rich
    Inside Job (2010), the 2007/2008 blow out, real estate market crash
    Gramm?each?liley Act (1999), Phil Graham, Countrywide, Americorp
    Sub-prime loans, bank loan guidelines, Wall Street attached derivatives to sub-prime loans
    You don't own anything, like betting on futures, betting on whether the home owner will renege
    100 times as large as the real estate value, AIG, deriviatve insurance, London
    AIG couldn't be allowed to go under, the Fed, Bernanke, TARP bill
    Roosevelt/Obama, it ain't what it used to be, the New Deal, recovery and reform
    Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, commercial banks, investment banks, loans and Wall Street
    SEC, Joe Kennedy, Wall Street hated FDR, banks and stocks, off like a rocket
    Washington Mutual, brought down, Grahams Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000
    He and his wife became consultants, Collapse (2009), Michael Moore
    Fraud, No-Doc loans, no paycheck stub, 1932, 1980, Democratic Leadship Council
    RFK, electric companies, Democrats, Howard Dean, Clinton
    Bush, SEC, cuts, Bernie Maddof, how the middle class has been ripped off...

  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    CTKA, Jim's review of Nexus (Hancock, 2011), McAdams reviews, Mantik, Cassano, Speer
    Bought but not read, a right wing propagandist, agitprop
    Paul Nolan, an assumed name, interviewed to do a hit job

    More on John Mcadams - Laughing Stock of The Internet
    McadamsRegarded as "Westboro Baptist Church" of the JFK research community

    Correct ideas float to the top, they know better, no valid criticisms
    Logic, ad hominem attacks, he serves up primary documents on the web
    History Matters, Mary Ferrell, research, Frequently Asked Questions regarding John McAdams
    Wikipedia, Haymarket Square Riot, creditable sources, Probe magazine, primary documents
    Talkback pages, is Probe creditable? McAdams site is listed as references
    Fernandez, JFK and Oswald, CTKA article, part 1 and 2 and three, New Media
    Blogosphere, alternative press, Huffington Post, Jim's article, 20,000,000 visitors a month
    Unique visitors, sold to AOL for $315,000,000, Daily Beast, Tina Brown
    Jesse Ventura, "we don't do 9/11", snail nail, comment logs, Lisa Pease got flagged,
    Questions, photo of Robert Oswald and Jim Braden, Parkland, after Lee was shot
    Bill Kelly - Jim Braden,
    Larry Hancock, The Man On The Grassy Knoll, a film, the screenwriter, Ted Shakley
    Joe Trento's book, Paul Schrade, DiCaprio, more fiction. the ARRB, deal with the facts
    Capt. Fritz, notes, Shelly, Altgens, doorway, Lovelady or Oswald, the Commission
    Book about Victoria Adams, Oswald identified 3 or 4 people, Carolyn Walter
    Chicken dinner, Dougherty fifth floor, Sandra Stiles, Bob Tannenbaum, a "motion picture case"
    Credible witnesses, Oswald was not on the 6th floor, Brennan, bad eyesight
    Dealey Plaza - Impossible angle revealed on Google Earth
    Ted Yaguchi, film maker, Jim's overview of November 21, 1963, with Jim's re-release of his book
    Ferrie's library card, looking for picnic photo, CAP, three days after the assassination
    Covert forces, 1960's assassinations
    Bugliosi, Hoover and the FBI, Bill Turner, decline and fall of the FBI began in Dealy Plaza
    Hoover, the Commission, Oswald, CIA and FBI, New Orleans arrest, communist defector
    Oswald, I was under the protection of the US
    David Bellen, Wesley Liebler, Robert Blakey, Priscilla Johnson, apologists
    He really wasn't a communist, Bobby/Hoover communist party informants, infiltrated
    CIA/Fair Play for Cuba Commitee, John Newman's book 1995, agents inside, Phillips and McCord
    1964, The Nation, shot witnesses, Oswald was an informant, 32 years later, Oswald makes sense
    Phillips, McCord and the FBI, Anti-FPCC, black-bag jobs, Gentry on Hoover
    New Orleans and Cubans, leaflets, tragedy, National Security State cover-up
    Classifications, the true circumstances, the culprits, their security, not ours
    Wikipedia & Operation Mockingbird
    Wikipedia Bullies at it Still

  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    NPR's On The Media had an interesting segment on some of the same issues with editing Wikipedia that Len has lamented for 5 years now...

    The Professor Versus Wikipedia

    Friday, March 09, 2012

    00:00 / 00:00

    (Wikimedia Foundation)

    Professor Timothy Messer-Kruse has devoted the last ten years of his
    life to one topic -- the 1886 Haymarket Riot. But when Messer-Kruse
    tried to correct a wrong fact about the event, he ran afoul of
    Wikipedia's thorny editing culture. Brooke talks to Messer-Kruse about
    his editing travails, and Phoebe Ayers, Wikimedia Foundation member,
    about Messer-Kruse's experience from Wikipedia's side.

    tUnE-yArDs - Killa

    Wikipedia Logo
  • LordBaltoLordBalto
    Posts: 219
    Costella calls them "Wikiganda."