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Guest Simon Shack, Producer of September Clues
  • DoctornoDoctorno
    Posts: 234
    The producer of September Clues, Simon Shack would make an interesting guest for the controversy his High Definition version of September Clues is generating.

    In the Hi Def version, we can see that the aircraft images shown on that day are clearly digital distortions of real aircraft. 

    I am not saying that no aircraft hit on that day, just that the video images were tampered with in near real time, about a 17 second time delay.

    Of primary interest to me, is the fact that the Networks show widely divergent trajectories for flight 175 hitting the WTC south tower.  At least 4 different, impossible to reconcile trajectories. One of the worst, is Flight 175 shown above the 330' TV tower and dive bombing into the South tower during the 5 seconds prior to impact. Other videos show a nearly straight and level approach in the same time slice just before impact. About 20 minutes into the video.

    Secondary, is the phony audio record we heard on network TV. Some networks have bits and pieces of voice and sound effects inserted, some personal videos are using parts of other personal video sound tracks, lots of mixing and matching.  The Naudet video uses a reversed sound of a cymbal crash at aircraft impact.
      right click, "save file as"

    I can put Len in touch with Simon if there is interest.  Any interest in hearing what Simon has to say?