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The Garrison Tapes DVD
  • ngantngant
    Posts: 107
    I ordered the DVD documentary from John Barbor's address posted on BOR, Show #435 of Aug 6, 2009. Highest rating, excellent.

    Address is worth posting here again:

    $10 from John Barbour 10309 Denman St Las Vegas 89178 USA

    This should be a part of everyone's media library. Exposes very clearly all the enemity, disinformation, and retailiation used to try and discredit Jim Garrison's investigation.  A good supplement to Oliver Stone's "JFK" movie, too.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    I rented this one by mistake from a small independant video rental outlet several years ago. I soon found a copy on VHS which I bought. I think it's a very important insight into the mind of possibly the biggest hero in the whole assassination record. Much disinformation has been said and written about Garrison but the video clearly shows he was a fine upstanding and honest District Attorney.
  • robert1robert1
    Posts: 116

    Do buy this $10. DVD by John Barbour re:  the attempt to discredit Jim Garrison's investigation of the New Orleans connection to the John Kennedy's assassination in Dallas.  Mr. Barbour's address is list in a previous post.  It is the best $10. you can spend.  Outstanding!
  • zcopleyzcopley
    Posts: 204
    Is this it?

  • NutzyNutzy
    Posts: 17
    It looks like the original although the opening credit is more modern