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Blackwater Exposed As CIA Front
  • Erik Prince, head of US security firm Blackwater, ‘was CIA operative’

    It's been revealed that Erik Prince, the founder/president of Blackwater/Xe, was CIA:

    In private, he was a CIA operative, with his own file as a “vetted asset” at the agency’s headquarters, and a mission to build “a unilateral, unattributable capability” to hunt down and kill al-Qaeda militants for the US Government wherever they could be found.

    These claims, made by Mr Prince and supported by others who knew of his activities, form part of a potentially explosive investigation into the life of America’s best-known mercenary.

    Mr Prince, aside from his work in Iraq, set up America’s closest forward operating base to the Pakistani border in Afghanistan, and helped to train a CIA assassination team that hunted an alleged senior al-Qaeda financier in Germany, and included A. Q. Khan, a Pakistani nuclear scientist, on its list of targets, according to Vanity Fair magazine.

    The original Vanity Fair article has Prince saying (Emphasis mine):

    "I put myself and my company at the C.I.A.’s disposal for some very risky missions,” says Erik Prince as he surveys his heavily fortified, 7,000-acre compound in rural Moyock, North Carolina. “But when it became politically expedient to do so, someone threw me under the bus.” Prince—the founder of Blackwater, the world’s most notorious private military contractor—is royally steamed. He wants to vent. And he wants you to hear him vent.

    Prince helped train a CIA assassination team to take out a senior Al Qaeda financier in Germany. He was involved in the CIA Assassination Program that targeted Al Qaea suspects. He's been a security contractor for the CIA.

    Prince's CIA connections don't end here. He was an intern to George H.W Bush, who was a deep-cover CIA man who had helped supervise the Anti-Castro operations in 1963. This may have been where he became involved in the world of intelligence. If that's the case, then the fact that he tries to distance himself from GHWB is no surprise: "I saw a lot of things I didn't agree with—homosexual groups being invited in, the budget agreement, the Clean Air Act, those kinds of bills."

    Prince also campaigned for Pat Buchanan, a conservative media pundit, presidential adviser, and a close friend/associate/co-host of Thomas Braden, a CIA operative involved in "Operation Mockingbird", the CIA's project to control/influence/manipulate the mainstream newsmedia. Prince's father co-founded the Family Research Council with Gary Bauer, the radical neo-conservative PNAC member who just happened to be driving in front of the Pentagon when it was hit on 9/11, and thus, in-place to become the star witness for the "Airplane-Hit-The-Building" fairytale.

    Is it just a coincidence that Prince, who admitted to being a CIA asset, has been connected to CIA-linked figures all his life? Could it be that Blackwater/Xe was a CIA front from the get-go? It's a safe bet -- Blackwater's Vice Chairman from 2005-2008 was a man named Cofer Black. Of him, we read:

    Joseph Cofer Black (born 1950, in Stamford, CT) is an American official. He had a 28-year career in the Directorate of Operations at the Central Intelligence Agency, culminating in his appointment as Director of the CIA's Counterterrorist Center (CTC) in June 1999.

    Cofer Black was not just CIA. He was high-ranking, important, long-time CIA. And he was a close associate of Prince and a high-ranking, important figure at Blackwater from 2005-2008. In context, this is very interesting. We can already see that Prince is CIA -- so, this firm was set up by a CIA operative, used for CIA goals, and had a Vice President with a high-level CIA background for three years? Are we starting to connect the dots here?

    If not, then perhaps this will help:

    Blackwater Guards Tied to Secret C.I.A. Raids

    Published: December 10, 2009

    WASHINGTON — Private security guards from Blackwater Worldwide participated in some of the C.I.A.’s most sensitive activities — clandestine raids with agency officers against people suspected of being insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan and the transporting of detainees, according to former company employees and intelligence officials.

    So, Blackwater and the CIA worked hand-in-hand in carrying out extremely sensitive, covert CIA raids. The story states: "Several former Blackwater guards said that their involvement in the operations became so routine that the lines supposedly dividing the Central Intelligence Agency, the military and Blackwater became blurred."

    Blackwater men also testified that they helped secure some CIA "detainee" flights. A former top CIA officer called the CIA-Blackwater relationship "brotherly" and even said: “There was a feeling that Blackwater eventually became an extension of the agency.”

    I doubt it can be denied any longer -- Blackwater is 100% CIA, and acts as the Agency's muscle. Most of the "suicide bombings" in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan are probably engineered by Blackwater.

  • More Evidence That Blackwater Is A CIA Front:

    Blackwater operating at CIA Pakistan base, ex-official says


    Members of the Islamic party Jamaat-i-Islami protest against the US in Lahore. Blackwater has become a focus of anti-US sentiment. Photograph: Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images

    The US contractor Blackwater is operating in Pakistan at a secret CIA airfield used for launching drone attacks, according to a former US official, despite repeated government denials that the company is in the country.

    The official, who had direct knowledge of the operation, said that employees with Blackwater, now renamed Xe Services, patrol the area round the Shamsi airbase in Baluchistan province.

    He also confirmed that Blackwater employees help to load laser-guided Hellfire missiles on to CIA-operated drones that target al-Qaida members suspected of hiding in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border regions, confirming information that surfaced in the US media in the summer.

    The secretive base at Shamsi is a key element in the CIA co-ordinated missile strikes that have hit more than 40 targets in the past year. Officials in Washington said that a drone attack on Wednesday killed a senior al-Qaida figure. The officials declined to name the individual, other than to say it was not Osama bin Laden. It is the first time in almost a year that the US has claimed to have successfully targeted a senior al-Qaida figure.

    The controversy over Blackwater stems mainly from its work in Iraq and Afghanistan that raised questions about the US use of private contractors in war zones. Several cases against the company are pending in US courts over violent incidents, including a 2007 Baghdad shooting spree.

    The New York Times reported today that links between Blackwater and the CIA in Iraq and Afghanistan have been closer than has yet been disclosed, with Blackwater staff participating in clandestine CIA raids against suspected insurgents.

    The US and Pakistan governments, as well as Xe, deny the company operates in Pakistan.

    Blackwater is a particularly emotive issue in Pakistan, where the company's name, along with the drone strikes, have become lightning rods for anti-American sentiment. Television stations have run images of alleged "Blackwater houses" in Islamabad, while some newspapers regularly run stories accusing US officials and respected journalists of being Blackwater operatives.

    US diplomats say the stories are mostly incorrect, and the Pakistani media has confused American contractors from other companies and aid workers with Blackwater employees. Pakistan's interior minister, Rehman Malik, offered to resign if Blackwater was proved to be in Pakistan.

    But there is growing evidence to suggest that Blackwater is working in Pakistan. A serving US official said that Blackwater had a contract to manage the construction of a training facility for the paramilitary Frontier Corps, just outside Peshawar, this year. But most of the work on the project, the official said, was done by Pakistani sub-contractors.

    Blackwater rebranded itself Xe after the shooting in a Baghdad square that left 17 Iraqis dead. The CIA director Leon Panetta earlier this year ordered that many contracts with Blackwater be terminated. A Congressional committee is investigating links between Blackwater and the intelligence services. Xe, in a statement, denied that Blackwater was ever under contract to participate in covert raids with the CIA or special forces in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else.

    In a separate development, five young Americans detained in Pakistan over alleged terrorist links will probably be deported, Javed Islam, a police chief, said. They had not been charged.

    The US authorities have not yet said what action, if any, they will take when the five return. The five, aged between 19 and 25, are alleged to have made contact with militant groups. News of their arrest has renewed US fears on homegrown terrorists. The five all attended a mosque in Alexandria, Virginia, run by the Islamic Circle of North America.

    So, they have CIA people as their executives/founders, they assist in clandestine CIA operations (Raids, Detainee flights, Assassinations, Missile-loading), and they operate at covert CIA installations. Anyone who says that Blackwater is not a CIA front is up against a wall of facts.

    And as for this "Blackwater-Isn't-In-Pakistan" nonsense:
  • February 28, 2008
    Obama and Clinton both support Blackwater!!!!

    March 3, 2008
    Obama To Boost Security Contractors Rap

    A senior foreign policy adviser to leading Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has told The Nation that if elected Obama will not "rule out" using private security companies like Blackwater Worldwide in Iraq. The adviser also said that Obama does not plan to sign on to legislation that seeks to ban the use of these forces in U.S. war zones by January 2009, when a new President will be sworn in. Obama's campaign says that instead he will focus on bringing accountability to these forces while increasing funding for the State Department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security, the agency that employs Blackwater and other private security contractors.

    But therein lies a problem. The U.S. Embassy in Iraq is slated to become the largest embassy in world history. If Obama maintains that embassy and its army of diplomats and U.S. personnel going in and out of the Green Zone, which his advisers say he will, a significant armed force will be required for protection. The force that now plays that role is composed almost exclusively of contractors from Blackwater, DynCorp and Triple Canopy. And at present, these contractors are not held accountable under U.S. law. Obama and a host of legal experts, including in the Justice Department, acknowledge that there may be no current U.S. law that could be used to prosecute security contractors for crimes committed in Iraq, such as the killing of seventeen Iraqi civilians last September in Baghdad's Nisour Square.

    July 29th, 2008
    Blackwater protected Barack Obama in Afghanistan

    So who do you think protected Obama and his fellow senators Jack Reed and Chuck Hagel during their recent and much ballyhooed congressional delegation trip to Afghanistan? Yep, that’s right – Blackwater.

    In his Washington Whispers column, the well-connected Paul Bedard reports that Obama was overheard saying that “Blackwater is getting a bad rap”

    Apr 8, 2009
    Obama's Blackwater?

    Federal records obtained by AlterNet reveal a multi-million dollar contract for a private U.S. paramilitary force operating out of Jerusalem.

    On the campaign trail, Barack Obama's advisers said he "can't rule out [and] won't  rule out" using mercenary forces, like Blackwater. Now, it appears that the Obama  administration has decided on its hired guns of choice: Triple Canopy, a Chicago  company now based in Virginia. It may not have Blackwater's thuggish reputation, but  Triple Canopy has its own bloody history in Iraq and a record of hiring mercenaries  from countries with atrocious human rights records. What's more, Obama is not just  using the company in Iraq, but also as a U.S.-government funded private security  force in Israel/Palestine, operating out of Jerusalem.

    It's hardly a surprise that Obama is continuing the use of mercenaries in Iraq and  beyond (Triple Canopy itself maintains offices in Abu Dhabi, Nigeria, Peru, Jordan  and Uganda); nevertheless, members of Congress -- whose actions when Bush deployed  these private armies were too little, too late -- have a responsibility to  investigate his use of companies whose profits are intimately linked to a  continuation of war. Moreover, Obama's choice of this particular company should be  investigated, both by the House and Senate, before May 7th when Obama's mercenaries  become the official paramilitary force in Iraq. As for Triple Canopy's role in  Israel, Obama's administration should explain exactly what these forces are doing on the U.S. government payroll.

    August 23, 2009
    Obama administration uses Blackwater in drone killings

    Under Obama, the close links between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Blackwater have continued. These relationships reveal not only the corruption and conflicts-of-interest that are ubiquitous in the multi-trillion dollar world of military contracting. It raises the question of where the US military—ostensibly controlled by the elected representatives of the American people—ends, and Blackwater, a for-profit entity accountable to no one, comprised largely of former US military special operations personnel, begins.

    September 16, 2009
    Why Is Obama Still Using Blackwater?

    "I saw women and children jump out of their cars and start to crawl on the road to escape being shot," said Iraqi lawyer Hassan Jabar Salman, who was shot four times in the back during the incident. "But still the firing kept coming and many of them were killed. I saw a boy of about 10 leaping in fear from a minibus--he was shot in the head. His mother was crying out for him. She jumped out after him, and she was killed."

    Salman says he was driving behind the Blackwater convoy when it stopped. Witnesses say some sort of explosion had gone off in the distance, too far away to have been perceived as a threat. He said Blackwater guards ordered him to turn his vehicle around and leave the scene. Shortly after, the shooting began. "Why had they opened fire?" he asked. "I do not know. No one--I repeat no one--had fired at them. The foreigners had asked us to go back, and I was going back in my car, so there was no reason for them to shoot." In all, he says, his car was hit twelve times, including the four bullets that pierced his back.

    Ridgeway, the Blackwater operative, admitted that he and the other Blackwater operatives "opened fire with automatic weapons and grenade launchers on unarmed civilians." None of the victims that day "was an insurgent," he said, adding that "many were shot while inside of civilian vehicles that were attempting to flee." Ridgeway said one Iraqi was shot "while standing in the street with his hands up."

    Mohammed Abdul Razzaq and his 9-year-old-son, Ali, were in a vehicle immediately behind Ahmed and Mahasin, the first victims that day. "We were six persons in the car--me, my son, my sister and her three sons. The four children were in the back seat." He recalled that the Blackwater forces had "gestured stop, so we all stopped.... It's a secure area so we thought it will be the usual, we would stop for a bit as convoys pass. Shortly after that they opened heavy fire randomly at the cars with no exception." He said his vehicle "was hit by about thirty bullets, everything was damaged, the engine, the windshield the back windshield and the tires.

    "When the shooting started, I told everybody to get their heads down. I could hear the children screaming in fear. When the shooting stopped, I raised my head and heard my nephew shouting at me 'Ali is dead, Ali is dead.' "

    "My son was sitting behind me," he said. "He was shot in the head and his brains were all over the back of the car." Razzaq remembered, "When I held him, his head was badly wounded, but his heart was still beating. I thought there was a chance and I rushed him to the hospital. The doctor told me that he was clinically dead and the chance of his survival was very slim. One hour later, Ali died." Razzaq, who survived the shooting, later returned to the scene and gathered the pieces of his son's skull and brains with his hands, wrapped them in cloth and took them to be buried in the Shiite holy city of Najaf. "I can still smell the blood, my son's blood, on my fingers," Razzaq said two weeks after his son died.