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the garrison tapes
  • after listening to an archived show with john barbour i was compelled to get a copy of the garrison tapes on vhs. It is a perfect companion to the movie JFK even though much of the movie is embelished i still credit it with taking my life-long impression that something was not right about the death of number thirty five into a need to research any and all raw data on november 22 1963 i could find. currently looking for info on the daltex building and a first generation copy of the fox set of autopsy photos. anyway thanks for the info on barbours documentry
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444

    John Barbour - The Education Forum
    Filmmaker denies JFK conspiracy theories

    By Katie Mettler | IDS
    POSTED AT 11:29 PM ON Jan. 18, 2012 (UPDATED AT 11:30 PM ON Jan. 18, 2012)

    88 years old, John Barbour is a man made for the hills of Hollywood.
    His golden-brown skin, shiny jewelry and blue-and-brown pinstripe suit
    allude to his early pursuits in gambling, acting and stand-up comedy.

    the passion in his raspy and convincing voice reveals the second half
    of Barbour’s life, the half consumed by conspiracy theories that have
    baffled America for almost 50 years.

    Wednesday, Union Board presented Barbour’s 1992 documentary “The JFK Assassination: The Garrison Tapes,” followed by a question-and-answer session with Barbour.

    film features Barbour’s exclusive interviews with late New Orleans
    District Attorney Jim Garrison, who was ridiculed for his investigation
    into the CIA’s involvement in the assassination of President John F.

    The questions surrounding who shot Kennedy on Nov. 22,
    1963, are infinite, and Kennedy-themed literature has lined bookshelves
    for decades. But Barbour dismissed these accounts; in his opinion, there is no such thing as conspiracy theories, only an abundance of facts.

    he said the facts that convinced him came from Garrison’s book: Lee
    Harvey Oswald was involved with members of the CIA, and the CIA killed

    In 1970, Gallop polls indicated that more than 80
    percent of the public believed Oswald didn’t act alone, if at all. But
    only 22 percent thought there should be another investigation, Barbour

    “How do you say your mother’s not a virgin? It just sounds
    ugly,” Barbour said. “How do you say your leaders are murderers? It
    just sounds ugly. When it’s obvious, it sounds ugly.”

    Garrison published “Heritage of Stone,”
    a book that spelled out what he found during his investigation into the
    CIA. In 1979, the United States House Select Committee on
    Assassinations concluded that four shots had been fired at Dealey Plaza
    in Dallas, vindicating the potential for conspiracy theories.

    In 1980, Barbour invited Garrison to come on his hit NBC show “Real People,”
    Garrison was on film for three hours, and Barbour said it was “… the
    most frightening, exhilarating, terrifying three hours I have ever
    spent in my entire life.”

    When Barbour tried to make a documentary, critics ran amuck, and he lost “Real People” in the early 1980s.

    talked about the injustice of the 24-hours news coverage of recent
    wwmurder cases, involving Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson, Laci Peterson
    and Natalee Holloway.

    “Those murders were tragic,” he said. “But
    they only affected one person. The murder of John Kennedy changed the
    economy, changed our foreign policy, changed our political structure. …
    I guarantee you, if we had cell phones or the Internet on Nov. 22,
    1963, there would be at least a dozen prominent Americans hung or shot
    for the murder of John Kennedy.”

  • zcopleyzcopley
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    As Russ Baker points out, if you click through, the actual title is, "Filmmaker affirms JFK conspiracy theories with 'The Garrison Tapes" (my emphasis).
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    zcopley said:

    As Russ Baker points out, if you click through, the actual title is, "Filmmaker affirms JFK conspiracy theories with 'The Garrison Tapes" (my emphasis).

    Good point. The headline on that story is misleading. Of course Barbour explains in the story, "there is no such thing as conspiracy theories, only an abundance of facts."

    # Show #435
    Original airdate: Aug 6, 2009
    Guests: John Barbour
    Topic: The Garrison Tapes

    Play Part One Interview - John Barbour
    # Background of John Barbour
    # Garrison Humor phenominal in spite of the pressure he was under
    # Trouble getting distribution of the film
    # The Garrison Tapes won many awards yet is ignored by the major media
    # The media ignores Jim Garrison in spite of the evidence
    # If they admit Garrison was correct, they'd have to admit they were shills for the US government
    # Garrison proves the CIA murdered John Kennedy in cooperation with the Military Industrial Complex
    # Who told Ruby to shoot Oswald? Who?... Lawrence B Meyers? Who's that?
    # The contradictions that are Vincent Bugliosi... no more credibility
    # The Federal Reserve is the reason why America pays income tax
    # Kennedy signed a bill to print government money outside the control of the Fed
    # This may be one of the reasons he was killed
    # Barbour explains why the entire government should be in jail
    # The CIA has infiltrated every major news outlet... Every network, magazine and newspaper
    # JFK was going to dismantle the CIA after the Bay of Pigs fiasco
    It's interesting to compare and contrast the red carpet treatment that Mimi Alford receives from Corporate Media, as opposed to Roger Feinman and John Barbour. If you have dirt on JFK, no matter how dubious or credible, they can't get you on enough.

    the other hand Feinman loses 2 careers over the case and Barbour gets
    fired from his radio gig and then his TV Show. Both times for trying to
    give Jim Garrison some air time.