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Relative newbie
  • NutzyNutzy
    Posts: 17
      I guess I'm supposed to say something interesting here.
      I'm new to most of this but I have read two of Fletcher Prouty's books as well as many other authors. I'm a really big fan of what the Kennedys tried to do and I believe their deaths, especially JFK's were watershed moments where America was lost to the world and Fascism took over. I'm a bit of a Penn Jones pessimist in that I don't believe things will get better but I also don't believe that's any reason not to know why things are the way they are.
      I believe in general conspiracies but I don't believe in God, ghosts, space aliens or reptilian people.
            (Please don't send me your testimonials to whatever beliefs you have. I have enough on my plate)
      I don't see any of those things here and that's refreshing
      I probably won't comment much but it's a great show and this looks like a great forum. I'm looking forward to intelligent commentary for a change.
  • PurpleHazePurpleHaze
    Posts: 717
    Welcome aboard, relative newbie. Post a lot. Or else.  ;)