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Roger Craig
  • Hello all i am Roger Craig's nephew i am a researcher in Dallas.TX. I have looked in to Roger's notes and am friends with Robert Groden. Also some other people and me are in the proses of boycotting the sixth floor museum.
  • zcopleyzcopley
    Posts: 204
  • Welcome Jerry,
    As an ex-cop I believe that the honest police officers that were bold enough to come forward or not change their stories, ie, your uncle, Abraham Bolden, etc, lend an incredibly important credibilty to the JFK subject , since they had much to lose and little to gain. I'd like to ask you some questions from time to time about your uncle, if that would be ok with you.
  • shure ask if i can ansewer them i will
  • robert1robert1
    Posts: 116
    Dear Jerry,

    Your uncle and others deserve so much credit for standing up for the truth.  Even JFK's Irish Mafia, Dave Powers and Kenny McDonald buckled under pressure of the FBI about the assassination.  I believe if he was in the military, Roger Craig would be worthy of a Congressional Metal of Honor.  He didn't "go along to get along" to use a phase from Doug Horne.