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Hello From Len Osanic
  • Hello Everyone,
    Time for a new improved Forum that we can monitor
    and rid spam and junk ads.
    I have a safty copy of the old one in case there was something
    you need otherwise this shold be a major improvment.

    I hope this marks a new era !

    Len Osanic
  • Glad to join up, hope I can contribute.
  • I had to re register but that's ok. I like the changes very much. Keep up the good work.
  • codygirlycodygirly
    Posts: 31
    Thanks Len.  Thursday evenings are sure a treat with the continuing fantasitc shows.  I really appreciate the contributions from the true scholars you have on.  Many thanks to Jim D, Pat and Jim F.
  • Hi, BOR forum,

    I decided to post November 22, which means, register this morning, when all I could find was a blip in the daily paper "45 years ago" about the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

    I also post on Democratic Underground. Under today's general discussion, when everyone recalled what they were doing 45 years ago this day, some mentioned being in elementary school, some were quite young, and some noting, "beats, me, I wasn't born yet".

    I ended my message with a mention and link to BOR. I can't think of a better clearinghouse for research on the subject of this horrendous time in a place that was to be the gateway to a new kind of United States of America. I'm still waiting for that place. I decided I would run for a local public office where I might have a slight chance of making a difference. I did and I won against all kinds of odds. The people who were most experienced thought I was a long shot, but I didn't because it just worked at it and didn't lie to people.

    I'm of the opinion that Arlen Specter, on his death bed will apologize for his being part of the biggest conspiracy I ever knew to be. I wonder if he sleeps well. I wonder if Dick Cheney sleeps at all.

    Len-O, thank you for Black Op. It really makes our Thursday nights!
  • Len,
    I can't put into words how much I appreciate Black Op Radio's mission:  to serve as a catalyst for the truth. As people begin to realize how much the mainstream media are avoiding their traditional role of serving democracy's watchdog and disseminating the truth, they are becoming hungry for factual news and the factual history. Black Op Radio is definitely one of the most important outlets for the truth.

    I discovered the JFK conspiracy after I returned from Vietnam and began to search for the reason America was involved in the Vietnam War. Having discovered BOR, I now 1) realize that there is finally a single outlet for truth about what's going on today as well as what transpired in post WWII America; and, 2) I now realize I'm not alone in my quest for the truth.

    Thank you, Len, for all that you do to help spread the truth. And, thanks to Jim DiEugenio, Lisa Pease, James Douglass, John Judge and all the truth seekers whom you interview on BOR, for their dedication, perseverance and integrity. What a relief to have a media outlet that can actually point out the falsehoods that Gerald Posner and his ilk continue to spread via the mainstream media. Finally, truth seekers have a way to fight back!

  • Listened to a few of your podcasts. Glad to be a part of the Black Op community. Cheers Len
  • InMemphisInMemphis
    Posts: 4
    I finally registered after years and years of just listening to the archives.  Great work.
  • ken murrayken murray
    Posts: 5
    Hello Len. I recommend you have Lance Moore on your show who wrote this book: