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London Bombings 7th July 2005
  • As part of Show 505, 16th December 2010, Jim  Fetzer was kind enough to raise a matter of great concern to many people in Britain; namely the Bombs on the London Transport System on 7th July 2005.

    Mr Fetzer recommended that all interested persons should watch the film/movie "7/7 Ripple Effect".

    I have a special interest in the events of 7/7/2005 and am associated with an ongoing campaign by concerned people for a full, open independent public Inquiry into these events.

    All interested persons should visit "The July 7th Truth Campaign" Website and familiarise themselves with the main pages at that site.

    People interested in viewing the best film/movie on the matter of the July 7th London Transport Bombings should watch "7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction".

    Those of us associated with the July 7th Truth Campaign do not claim to know what happened on that day. In general terms we consider the Government "Official Narrative" is far from a full and frank narrative of events, and is riddled with mistakes.

    Currently there are Inquest hearings being undertaken into the deaths of 52 victims of the events alleged to have been committed by four British members of the Islamic community. These hearings are being followed closely by People associated with the July 7th Truth Campaign, and we are finding many more questions are being raised than answered by the Inquests.

    Because we do not have full information concerning the events of 7th July, the people associated with the July 7th Truth campaign do not profess to know what happened on that day. We discuss matters on the site forum, but make a point of seperating our research from our speculations. The July 7th Truth campaign genuinely feels the "Ripple Effect" film/movie speculates far too much and assumes some speculation to be fact. For this reason the July 7th Truth Campaign is unable to fully endorse the "Ripple Effect" film/movie, and instead recommends the "Seeds of Deconstruction" film/movie.

    The movie can also be viewed in several parts on You Tube

    Thank you for your time

    Stephen Timmis, Oxford, England