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Greetings from PA
  • Was in-utero during the assassination, not hard to forget that one.  So nice to say that I'm from the state that USED to have "single bullet" Specter as a Senator.  Have had a fascination about the events surrounding Nov 22, 1963 since the Watergate hearings which I was glued to at a young age.  My grandfather's cousin was Muriel Buck so I was interested in politics at the age of 4 and remember the election of 68. 

    In 1963 it had been 1770 years since one man had attempted to stand up to an industrial military complex in which he had served his country.  It ended the same way. 
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    What has always bothered me about the Warren Commission is that it was all military and politicians.  Not one law enforcement officer, not one forensic scientist or ballistics expert.  Yet this "politician" Specter was allowed to determine for himself and the nation how Kennedy died.  It was a sham and a travesty.  He should have been run out of Congress after that.
  • Specter true colors showed when his political expediency transcended party loyalty to remain in power, a few times.
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    On balance PA is a plus

    Dick Sprague
    Cyril Wecht

    and of course The Last Hurrah Book Shop

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    Welcome to the forum!