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  • MinM November 2013
Timeslip British 70's TV series
  • inquiryinquiry
    Posts: 10

    If you haven't watched it yet, you should. This a mind blowing 70's TV series that predicted what's going on now. One of its themes is the dystopia that we're witnessing now, the destruction of the ecosystem by man made means.
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Off Topic .. but the show Community does this takeoff of Dr Who ..

    BTW the creator of Community was discovered by
    Oliver Stone.

    Plus one final note.
    Plus a link to BOR Show #316

    Show #316

    Original airdate April 5, 2007

    Guest: Lisa Pease

    Topic: Book Review: Bradley Ayers' book 'The Zenith Secret'

    A great Col. L. Fletcher Prouty interview Topic: The JFK Assassination

    L Fletcher Prouty Interview

    Conducting A Proper Murder Investigation in November 1963 ?
    TFX figher contract, weapons procument, NASA, CIA, the oppostion to JFK
    Cancelling Secret Service, Military, and Police Units in Dallas
    Compare news released on Oswald, to Hinkley same day of event
    Inserting False Actors in Their Place
    The Volume and Significance of the Photographic Evidence

    The Christchurch Star's Impact Upon the Facts of the Assassination
    CIA General Edward G. Lansdale in Dealey Plaza...

    Lisa Pease Interview
    Lisa starts with some background of E Howard Hunt and the recent revelations by his son, St John Hunt
    The Last confession of E Howard Hunt
    some phone line static 30 seconds

    A bit about the new movie 'The Hoax'
    RFK material - About the 3 CIA agents listed by Shane O'Sullivan
    Lisa states that evidence negates the '3 CIA agent' story
    Lisa discusses the integrity of Talbot & Morley. Talbot's new book coming out - "Brothers"
    David Talbot Talbot left a major San Francisco paper to form his own magazine,,
    Jeff Morley was a journalist for the Washington Post
    Link to Talbot’s book/info

    Talbot’s bio summary bio summary
    Morley’s bio (unofficial) bio (unofficial)

    She wonders just how much information is true, misinformation or disinformation
    Lisa endorses the book 'The Zenith Secret' but states that it's only a pice of the puzzle
    Phase One and Phase Two. Two CIA plots against Castro and Lisa's explanation of this episode in relation to JFK/RFK