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  • dogdovedogdove
    Posts: 17
    Len and gang-

    Haven't got a new podcast since 4-7.  You guys really have to update more.  This is a quality show and has been for a long time, and by not updating the show every week on a rock solid schedule, you appear amateurish.  Adam Corolla updates every day, early in the am, and it's part and parcel of his success.  Most people find your show, or more importantly WILL find your show, on iTunes, NOT on the live broadcast.

    So, in short, stop it.  I love you guys.  I want to see you do well, and I want my Black Op Radio.

    Sincerely, and purchaser of the archive,


  • len osaniclen osanic
    Posts: 26
    Until people make donations I can't afford to do everything .
    Not a paid show like someone on a big network in LA...

    Sorry do the best I can, you can hear shows in the archives section the next day...

  • dogdovedogdove
    Posts: 17
    I understand Len.  Do what you can do, and thanks for doing it.