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In the UK, we swallowed it....
  • Yes, in the UK, we totally swallowed it - thanks to our Royal family run elitist BBC and other UK mainsteam controlled outputs...

    In 2005, I personally discovered Black Op, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense.. so I for one am not so dummy, but seriously, most UK people honestly think Osama or Sadaam did it, if they think about it at all..and Muslim's I meet tell me they "don't believe in all that extremism"
    like it even exists!

    Nice of them to clear their name for something they are not particularly capable of doing.
    I firmly belive the WTC and the London 7/7 tube nonsense was elite sponsored and carried out. Ordinary people are too busy trying to eat and live to want to kill others. Who gains anyhow? Not us, not the real people.

    Len Osanic has done some great work here which I firmly respect.

    Thank you Len.