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A student of this tragedy since 1968
  • i WILL SHARE AT ANOTHER TIME WHAT i LEARNED FROM MY c.o..Lt Goff..A TRULY AMAZING AND HARD ASS LEADER THAT HAD oNE ORDER FOR US .."yOU KILL CHARLIE CONG FIRST..AND YOU MIGHT MAKE IT OUT OF HERE"..and that is what we were trained to do kill the enemy and blow things up..simple
    I have been a real student and occasional teacher re the Coup  de Tat Nov 22 1963..I believe that I know who ordered the hit..(not CIA..FBI..LBJ) and I believe that the one brave AND honest cop WHO ToLD US THE TRUTH WAS MY HERO Det. Roger D Craig..If you have not seen it yet..please youTube.."Two Men In Dallas" is a must see for serious researchers that is you and me..Semper Fi