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Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden
  • Hello,

    I received a tip about this website and I'm glad I checked it out.

    I'm interested in researching the invisible government inside the U.S. who blew JFK's head off and pulled off 9/11 with their privatized command centers (private military firm).

    I appreciate any information regarding the following drills that happened before and on the day of 9/11:

    * Door Hop Galley (inside Stratus Ivy which itself was inside Able Danger, super secretive stuff)
    * Apollo Guardian (former U.S. Space Command)

    Also, I am very into biological weapons research, specifically, viral hemorrhagic fevers like Marburg and Ebola. Alex Jones mentioned "robot helicopters that are going to spray airborne Ebola on us."

    I emailed investigative journalist Janet Phelan and asked her if she knew about Sweden's only BSL-4 lab located in Solna, Stockholm. She didn't have any information on that lab because she is focused on the U.S. situation.

    God help us all. Or not.