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Bum Bright
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    I recently read/listened to a story about Bum Bright's attempt to woo Bo Schembechler to College Station, TX.

    Some stuff at The Education Forum on Bum:

    Harvey R. "Bum" Bright (1920-2004) (unmentioned in his obituary)

    from JFK to 9/11 - the 'Bums' are winning:

    "Random Thoughts:

    Some of the extreme right-wing elements who were [arguably] viewed as lunatics circa 1963 in a kinder, gentler world [now extinct?] must feel like pig's in slop in the America of 2006. Edwin Walker RIP?, Charles Willoughby, Laurie Schmidt to cite a few.....There once was a movie entitled 'Who is Killing the Great Chef's of Europe' someone should do a story on 'Who Killed the Great Peace Movement of the Cold War Era' [and it's leadership]

    Governor Bill Clements of Texas was an embarassment to many Texans not of the Bubba persuasion, he was very involved in the payoff scandal that resulted in the death penalty delivered by the NCAA accordingly to the SMU Mustang's during the Eric Dickerson/Craig James Pony Express Era, 1981-82. His crowd would ostensibly include other prominent familiar names of Dallas lore incl. former NFL Dallas Cowboy's owner H.R. Bum Bright, wasn't he one of the individuals who gave money supporting the publication of the infamous black bordered ad 'Welcome to Dallas President Kennedy, and it's vitriolic hate spewing material, later saying years later he was proud of it, .

    If history had not been altered in 1963, 1968, 1972, 1976 - Gary Sick's Revelation that Reagan-Bush campaign team circumvents deal to release hostages until after Election Day, the Great Communicator becomes President then the whole Assassination attempt mess, another not fully explored assassination attempt, Iran-Contra investigation fiasco TX Congressman D-Albert Brooks attempts to introduce the drug-running adventures of Barry Seal and Ollie North but a Democrat! Senator Daniel Inouye counsels Brooks saying 'We will deal with that in closed session...' Apparently not.....Now welcome to the Era of False History, WMD in Iraq NOT!, Corporate Media, echoes of Orwell. When facts are allegations. The new F word Fascism.

    Lee Harvey Oswald is to America, what Albert Dreyfuss was to France, except the French eventually won. Freedom Fries anyone.

    Q:When do you know that your living in an country built on an edifice of lies?

    A: When someone who butchered a famous Brentwood crime scene, uses that as a resume builder on his way to Solving the Kennedy Assassination. Pardon me while I puke and light a candle for I. F. Stone."