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  • It was lunch time and I was walking across my high school parking lot when a friend of mine told me that President Kennedy had been just been shot. I was 16 years old.  Later that day, when details of the murder were being released, I began keeping a close watch on when and what was said in news releases and reports.  I can still remember thinking, "nobody knows what they're talking about". 

    I've followed the murder of John Kennedy for almost fifty years.  It still fascinates me how our society has ignored the facts of the case, and their obvious implications.  Unfortunately, I am convinced that the major criminal event that shaped the last half of the 20th century will go unpunished.  It is sad indeed. 

    I'm now 64 years old, and my interest in this tragedy has not waned.  I'm currently reading John Armstrong's "Harvey & Lee", an amazing work.  The best work I've read to date on the murder is Douglass's "JFK and the Unspeakable", which I would highly recommend.

    I'd like to thank Len for his years of effective work in keeping this topic in front of the American people, and the world.  Maybe there's hope after all.

    Hony soit qui mal e pense!
  • zcopleyzcopley
    Posts: 204
    Welcome to the forum! 

    I agree about "JFK and the Unspeakable". The only one I like as much is Jim Garrison's "Heritage of Stone".
  • I listen to the podcast for about a year now and find it fascinating to hear what went on and still goes on behind the "scenes" .

    I remember very well  when I heard the news that JFK was shot I was 11 years old at the time, I was traveling in the car with my parents in Holland ,

    Thanks Len for all your work keep it up.



  • zcopleyzcopley
    Posts: 204
    Hi double, welcome to the forum!