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Stephen King's "11/22/63
  • mobius32mobius32
    Posts: 7
    Well, I just finished my first Stephen King book, "11/22/63". As a book, it's mildly entertaining (emphasis on "mildly") in parts if you enjoy speculative fiction; but I wouldn't recommend that anyone buy it. Spolier alert: this book is about a guy who travels in time back to 1963 to stop the JFK murder. To make a long story short, the book concludes that Oswald was the lone shooter (and a malcontent, etc, etc)(I have no idea why I thought King would have concluded otherwise, but I guess that's what made me buy the book). Anyway, the kicker, as Jim DeG would say, is that King has an afterword in the book in which he states that he's 98 percent sure Oswald acted alone; he cites his reading list as Case Closed (Posner), Legend (Epstein), Oswald's Tale (Mailer) .... and he gives a big salute to the Gary Mack and the 6th Floor Museum ... he also buys the fact that Ruby killed Oswald because Ruby so distraught over JFK's death. By this point, I should have gagged ... so, save yourself your dollars and time.

    But this ridiculous book made me ask this question: If you had to give the top 5 or 10 reasons that heavily suggest that JFK was killed in a conspiracy, what would they be? I know that Len has asked this question, but here are two facts (ASSUMING I'm correct, and please correct me if I'm wrong) that in and of themselves suggest that Oswald's story is much more complicated than the WC presented. In fact, if I'm correct about these facts, I might even write to King myself and politely tell him how wrong he is :-)

    My list:

    (1) Jack Ruby attends press conference held in basement of Dallas Police Dept on day of the assassination. Ruby corrects the speaker regarding Oswald's involvement with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. I have seen photos of video of a man at this conference who very much looks like Ruby; and I've seen an interview of someone who says that Ruby was there (the someone, I believe, was the person given the briefing re: Oswald). I would be very curious what Posner's of the world have to say about this, and perhaps someone who has done deeper research can tell me. Otherwise, you have ask what the hell is Ruby doing at a press conference correcting info re: Oswald.

    2) Ruby knew Oswald. How did the Warren Commission and its defenders deal with the numerous people who said that they recognized Oswald because Ruby introduced them?

    I'm sorry I even bought this book.

  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Thanks for that review. Here's some things related to Stephen King relying on likes of known disinfoteers i.e., Gerald Posner, Norman Mailer, Edward Jay Epstein, et al...

    IanEye wrote:
    This is on the heels of Stephen King's latest novel "11/22/63" , which also espouses the lone gunman meme.

    It is starting to annoy me.

    I figured I would start a thread to keep track of these mentions in any
    of the various media I take in, and see if this trend snowballs as we
    approach the 50th anniversary of the events in Dallas.

    I did end
    up reading that King book by the way, it is awful. Even the parts that
    mainly deal with the concept of time travel suck.

    This is
    interesting to me because lately my facebook page is riddled with my
    friends comments thanking Mr. King for making statements against Mitt
    Romney. So, King is seen as a hero to the Left, even as he spreads the
    lone gunman meme.

    Perhaps that fits in with 8bit's "Why Is It Right Wing To Think The Media is Brainwashing?" thread.

    Perhaps not.

    might be interesting to those who have no intention of reading the
    novel to see who King thanks first for their "useful source-materials" :

  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444


    source-materials"? It would be tempting to label these guys with the
    Orwellian term "Useful Idiots", but it obviously goes beyond that.
    Before he was exposed as a plagiarist, Gerald Posner inadvertently revealed his CIA-ties. As for those others...
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Ron Ecker wrote:
    Posted Yesterday, 07:36 PM

    Includes excerpt from a New York Times Book Review by Gerald Posner.
    Leave it to the NYT to choose Posner to write a review of a Kennedy
    assassination book. These people are beyond any decent description.

    as I recall, Moldea's book did a good job of proving a conspiracy, then
    on the last page he strangely concludes that Sirhan did it alone. I
    wonder if someone had a gun to his head as he wrapped up his manuscript...

    Of course the evidence suggests that Moldea was blackmailed into concluding that Sirhan acted alone:

    I know from a first-hand source -- whom I will name, if legally pressed -- that Dan Moldea had privately complained that the major publishers had "blackballed" him after he wrote a book called Interference: How Organized Crime Influences Professional Football.
    The blackballing stopped the moment he agreed to write a book about the
    Robert F. Kennedy assassination pushing the "lone nut" hypothesis

    Much the same way Norman Mailer was blackmailed into supporting the lone nutters...

    Jim DiEugenio wrote:
    Posted 31 January 2011 - 03:26 AM

    1973, Mailer published a book, Marilyn, (really a photo essay) with the
    assistance of longtime FBI asset on the Kennedy assassination Larry Schiller
    He recirculated the tale again, inserting a new twist. He added the
    possibility that the FBI and/or the CIA might have been involved in the
    murder in order to blackmail Bobby ( p. 242). In 1973, pre-Rupert Murdoch,
    the media had some standards. Mailer was excoriated for his baseless
    ruminations. In private, he admitted he did what he did to help pay off a
    tax debt. He also made a similar confession in public. When Mike Wallace asked him on 60 Minutes (7/13/73) why he had to trash Bobby Kennedy, Mailer replied “I needed money very badly.” ...

    Who knows what Stephen King's excuse was?
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Speaking of Gerald Posner reviewing Dan Moldea's book for the New York Times. IIRC there was something about the NYTimes cutting out their main book reviewer (John Leonard) in favor of using CIA asset Priscilla Johnson or Liz Smith(?) for a review of one of the better JFK books (Plausible Denial?).
  • LordBaltoLordBalto
    Posts: 219
    Keep in mind that you are rarely if ever going to get the truth from anyone who makes their living from writing. There's just too much chance of being blackballed. The only reason any solid research gets done at all is because of the army of amateurs who do it on the side, because they are truly concerned about what is happening to the U.S. and the rest of the West.