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Johnny Carson 20 year Anniversery Documentary & Jim Garrison
  • robert1robert1
    Posts: 116

    This morning (12May2012) on CBS morning news, the anchors interviewed an documentary filmmaker who made a 20th anniversery documentary of Johnny Carson's last late night show (than taken over by Jay Leno for newbbies).    I believe the film maker said last night was the premere of it.  He said Mrs. Carson (3d) was there.  The film maker says there is now a database that one could now watch various Carson shows that was heretofor unavailable.  He didn't say the name of the database however.  It was discussed how much Carson would listen to his guests and that it was the success of the show,  that he would remain quiet so the audience would like the show and in turn like him.  In addition, one of the hosts asked the film maker, "was anyone banned from the show".  He thought for a few seconds, then said that Johnny hated Rock & Roll so no rock bands were on.  Then he went on to say that the only other person not allowed on the show was Joan Rivers.  Rivers subsititued on the show & aparently was known as "Mrs. Tonight Show".  The show then went to a film clip of Rivers and the film maker said that Johnny was hurt more by Rivers new Fox late night talk show then by his divorces.  He didn't know about Rivers new show in advance.  The interview stopped there indicating that no one else had been banned on the show.

    Maybe the Jim Garrison interview will be included in the database and people will see the "real" Carson.  It was said on the program that Johnny would sometimes drink to much.  That each of his wives were verbally abused and that he never started divorce proceedings, it was always the wives.