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General Petraeus: Yankee and Cowboy War, Part Deux?
  • The timing of, and methods used in, the fall of General David Petraeus bring to mind Oglesby's Yankee and Cowboy War, in which he concludes that the break-in at the Watergate Hotel was set up specifically to remove Nixon non-lethally. The only question in my mind is, which side set up Petraeus? It seems to me Obama's presidency, if not his life, could hang on the answer to that question.
  • Now General John Allen is involved--Petraeus the head of the CIA and Allen slated to become head of the European Command and commander of NATO forces in Europe. Is this some kind of reverse coup-d'etat, Barack Obama supposedly playing four-dimensional chess, or has the right finally had enough of democracy again, with Obama's massive reelection the last straw? From his cool demeanor, I would suspect the former rather than the latter, but, does anyone here remember the shuffling about of U.S. military commanders and the imprisonment of General Walker in a mental hospital in Alaska just before the assassination of John Kennedy? Too much deja vu for me. The funny thing is, even the always paranoid Webster Tarpley doesn't seem to have figured this one out yet. Hold on to your hats, fellows, and don't go anywhere near Obama without your digital video cameras.

    If Watergate was the payback for Kennedy, is this the payback for 9/11?

    MI5 on RT on what's happening:

  • Already the left gatekeepers at Huffington Post have started to censor this story, while the loonytoon right has started to spin it as a "coup d'etat," whereas everyone living in the real world knows that it is the military that organizes coups d'etat. At this point it looks like Obama has finally grown a pair and decided that this is an opportune time to cut off the seven heads of the military-industrial dragon. 
  • Webster Tarpley is calling this a coup/counter coup situation. Tarpley thinks Obama is acting cowardly. Personally, I think he's just playing 4-dimensional chess, which Tarpley doesn't quite understand.