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The 11-22-63 Dealey Plaza Detailed Map Updated, + New Address

  • The  11-22-63  Dealey  Plaza  Detailed  Map  Updated,  + New Address 

    Good  Day .... The  Dealey Plaza  detailed  map that provides 11-22-63 
    evidence,  victims  precise kill zone locations,  witnesses locations,  

    filmers + photos,  suspects + suspected bullet trajectories,  & additional 

    important information + considerations gathered for you in one 

    convenient resource has been updated with new evidence + information, 

    and is now always freely available for your key  considerations  + 

    independent   determinations,  here.... 

    (this updates the previously dated 11-1-10 DP map) 

         .... Following the DP map are also  provided  5  additional  key 
    graphics  +  key considerations.

         .... The easy to follow directions for printing your own copy of 
    either map are detailed within my "Men of Courage" homepages 

    website on page 5.

    With respect to when you want to freely link to it for your research 
    posts, presentations, and for including for your forum and website, 
    please feel free to do so, anytime. 

         .... Please share the DP maps updated links with all Friends + 

  • Best  Regards  in  Research, 


    Donald  Roberdeau 
    United  States  Navy 
    U.S.S.  John  F.  Kennedy,  CV-67,  plank  walker 
    Sooner,  or  later,  The  Truth  emerges  Clearly 

    For  your  key  considerations  +  independent  determinations....

    Homepage:  President KENNEDY  "Men  of  Courage"  speech, and 
    Assassination  Evidence, Witnesses, Filmers, Suspects + Outstanding 
    Researchers Discoveries and Key Considerations.... 

    T  ogether 

    E  veryone 
    A  chieves 
    M  ore

            For the United States