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Harvey and Lee Download
  • I've gotten about halfway through the Armstrong interview, and I must say it's worth the money. It's a bit hard to follow, and I guess I will have to listen a couple more times before it becomes crystal clear. What I can't quite understand is why someone has not republished the original book, which only had a print run of a thousand copies the first time around. Considering how important this book is, I can only wonder if it cuts too close to the bone for anyone to risk bringing it to a wider audience.
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    I have Armstrong's book, and I'm completely gobsmacked by the detail, research and documentation that has gone into this work.  It is by no means an easy read, in fact, I've started a binder of notes that I keep to try and remember the important names, facts and jaw dropping revelations straight.  I'm not sure how long it will take to complete this tome, but it never ceases to impress me with how much the general public does not know about this seminal figure in our history.

    As an aside, I remember seeing an early photograph from just after the Kennedy assassination.  I can't remember if it was in a newspaper, magazine or on TV, but I can vividly remember it.  The photograph was one of a Carcano 6.5mm carbine being held aloft over a man's head, with a statement that this was the rifle used by Oswald to murder JFK, getting off three shots at a moving target in around six seconds.  The rifle had what looked like a one inch reticle telescopic sight affixed.  I lived in Abilene, Texas at the time and was very much into guns and hunting, and had a good knowledge of WWII weapons and firearms in general.  I looked at that picture, and thought:  "There's no way someone used that weapon with that scope and hit a going away moving melon size target at 250 feet or so.  Just can't be done.  They're lying to us all."  I was 16 years old, and I still believe my initial assessment of that "this is the gun Oswald used" conclusion presented as fact to the American people.  What a travesty of justice.  How our country has paid, and will continue to pay, for such cynical manipulation of the press, truth and our constitution.  Fifty years of denial.  It needs to end now.
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  • I just finished the Armstrong interview and it occurred to me that the supposed backyard photo of "Oswald" with the rifle must be the taller "Lee" and not the "Harvey" who was ultimately framed for the assassination. Some folks have studied the newspaper in the photo and have determined that this fellow was too tall for the supposed assassin.

    What I can't quite wrap my brain around is how someone, presumably the CIA, could have found two people with the same name who looked enough alike to substitute one for the other and use one to frame the other. Just how far ahead do these folks plan? I would have to assume that one set of records is fraudulent if it weren't for the witnesses who remember seeing both of these folks using the name Lee Harvey Oswald. Is this just some incredible coincidence or was the whole parallel development somehow planned? I'm basically trying to avoid buying into some otherwordly X-files style conspiracy. Surely there is a simpler explanation.