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Prouty Thinks Sony stands for Standard Oil of New York. . . .WTF? BOR: 13-06-06
  • LordBaltoLordBalto
    Posts: 219
    Much as Prouty seems to have an inside track on a lot of hidden information, like the presence of Zhou Enlai at Teheran, though I'd like to see some kind of confirming evidence beyond Prouty's claim that he "flew him there," he sometimes goes off the deep end with claims like: SONY stands for Standard Oil of New York, whereas the accepted derivation is a combination of "sonic" and "sonny." Even if the oil boys had helped fund a Japanese startup electronics firm, which sounds a bit peculiar on the face of it, would the Japanese really name the company after their funders? And remember, in Japanese, it's Soni, not Sony.

    Prouty has other problems, psychologically speaking. He manages to comprehend that the JFK assassination was a coup d'etat, but he tends to compartmentalize his own culpability in the matter, allowing as he served as a conduit between the Air Force and the CIA and said not a word at the time despite the fact that, by his own admission, "everyone" in the Pentagon knew what had happened. It has always amazed me that a large percentage of the population will "go along to get along" even if they are "going along" with something as treasonous as the murder of the president.

    By the way, I was looking forward to a discussion of The Girl on the Stairs. Apparently Len's laid back attitude encourages people to blow him off with no expectation of any serious consequences.
  • heinrichheinrich
    Posts: 208
    Where does he claim that about Sony?
  • heinrichheinrich
    Posts: 208
    Ah, I see. Latest show. Will give a listen.
  • LordBaltoLordBalto
    Posts: 219
    The full story of the naming of Sony is here.

    Interestingly enough, Akio Morita and David Rockefeller both served on the Trilateral Commission, so I guess we can forgive Prouty for jumping to conclusions.
  • Excerpt from a letter Colonel Prouty wrote to me in about 1998:

    "It just happens that I was ordered to Tokyo during the early days of the Korean War period, and was assigned the job of "Military Manager of Tokyo International Airport" during the period of the U.S. military occupation of Japan. At that time it was the third busiest airport in the world, not only because of the Korean War activity; but because of just such business activity as Burnham describes on the part of Mr. Morita. Many other Japanese entrepreneurs were doing their best to revive from the losses and damage of WWII; but even more important was an another enormous business phenomenon.

    I began to notice that day after day the few Japanese transport aircraft available, and countless large commercial aircraft from USA Charter Companies began to jam the parking ramp on Tokyo Airport. They were loaded with items from the States.

    US money and manufactured material was flooding the place. Have you ever really thought why Mr. Morita, a fine Japanese businessman, would name his company SONY? That is not a Japanese word, nor is it a Japanese acronym.

    The name SONY began to appear at the airport after the flood of post-war recovery money, and one of the meanings of those four letters is "STANDARD OIL OF NEW YORK". That has always been SONY or SOCONY. (The Standard Oil Company of New York)

    THE ROCKEFELLERS had arrived to re-finance Japan.

    What this meant was that during those "MacArthur" days Rockefeller money was flooding Japan; and money such as that (Yes, I'm using the term MONEY) kind of "money" began the amazing job of rebuilding Japan."

    The "full story" Lord BS is selling is not the last word.

  • Interesting thread.
  • heinrichheinrich
    Posts: 208
    Prouty's an excellent source on a lot of things. But it's important to recognize just out of basic fairness when he speculates. He's far from being a crackpot, as some would like to claim, but he's also not infallible.
  • heinrich said:

    "The name SONY began to appear at the airport after the flood of post-war
    recovery money, and one of the meanings of those four letters is
    "STANDARD OIL OF NEW YORK". That has always been SONY or SOCONY. (The
    Standard Oil Company of New York)"

    SOCONY yes, later trademarking "Mobilgas." Mobil did not merge into Exxon until 1999.

    There are no SONY trademarks for Standard Oil anywhere on the internet. No signs. No collectibles. No maps. No oil cans. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. In fact, the company was not even known as the Standard Oil Company of New York after 1935. It was known as the Socony Vacuum Oil Co. I challenge anyone to show me such a trade name on any physical object from WWII or any other time.

    Did some military idiot stencil SONY on the side of a bunch of crates originating with Socony and shipped to Japan? It's barely possible. Did Akio Morita see this nonstandard acronym and borrow it for his new company? Even less possible but not completely impossible. More likely, Prouty saw SOCONY and his mind later twisted it into SONY because he wanted to believe in some vast conspiracy by the Rockefellers to flood America with cheap transistor radios.

    Prouty may not be a crackpot, but this kind of inside "information" has to make one wonder about some of his other revelations. Remember, this is the guy who couldn't figure out what Ed Lansdale was doing in Dealey Plaza.

  • heinrichheinrich
    Posts: 208
    Yeah, watch who you're quoting there. "Heinrich" wasn't the one behind the quote you're replying to - but thanks for playing.
  • First: Balto, please don't be offended if I refuse to address you by the "title" of Lord. I rarely respond to those who haven't the courage to post messages under their real name. Anonymity allows a poster, or should I say poseur, to infiltrate the ranks of the sincere incognito.

    Whereas Fletcher Prouty has always been transparent since his service ended at retirement, you are a mystery. L. Fletcher Prouty was a "full bird" Colonel in the US Air Force. He was the first Focal Point Officer between the US Military and the CIA in support of Global Clandestine Operations. He became Chief of Special Operations in the Pentagon working directly for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff after having served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

    Unlike you: He was there. You may not have even been born yet.

    SecondYou were not quoting Heinrich, you were quoting my post in which I pasted a portion of a letter Fletch wrote to me in 1998.

    Third: During the timeframe following the war during the US occupation of Japan that Fletch referenced in that letter his job title was: Military Manager of Tokyo International Airport. Again: He was there.

    Fourth: Your only cite to authority appears to be Google, which is the "research tool" of the truly lazy. My cite to authority is an eyewitness with impeccable credentials and unwavering integrity.

    Fifth: Although you have not found independent evidence to corroborate Colonel Prouty's claim, it is fallacious to therefore assume he is incorrect.

    Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

    Sixth: As for your ridiculous claim that Fletch couldn't figure out what Lansdale was doing there--and YOU have figured it out? Please grace us with your wisdom. Since you have had so much experience in clandestine work and you know this subject so well please tell us how you know it's Lansdale and how you know the EXACT reason why he was there?

    Watch Video where Coloenl Prouty describes Lansdale's presence in Dealey Plaza.
  • LordBaltoLordBalto
    Posts: 219
    I am easy enough to find on the internet, along with my full name and my historical research, for anyone with normal intelligence. It currently comes up 4th on Google. So kindly stop spinning your ridiculous little psychological theories like some mainstream author pretending to refute conspiracy theories.

    Again, show me one single oil can with the name SONY on it. I don't care where Colonel Prouty was and when. Everybody makes mistakes, and this is clearly a mistake, whether intentional or not. I see no reason to think he ever saw the name SONY on any shipping crate in Japan or anywhere else. As I already stated, the company was not known as Standard Oil of NY at that time. Now kindly show me some real evidence or knock off the conspiracy theory. Some of them actually aren't true.

    Type "socony" into Google Image and you will come up with hundreds of collectibles that contain the name "socony." Type in SONY and you will come up exclusively with images of electronic products made by SONY. SONY was never a trademark of the Standard Oil Co. of NY.

    Of course the most telling argument against SONY as a name used by the Standard Oil Co. of NY is that the name would have been trademarked if it had ever been used by SOCONY. And SONY could never have been able to initiate the Sony Corporation of America in 1960, with its own attendant trademarks.

    And just to cap it off, the tape recorder tape marketed by the company from 1950 was called "Soni-Tape." That would be, what, the Standard Oil Co. of Nigeria? Niagara Falls? On the Nile?

    Socony was first trademarked in 1922. It is still a registered trademark of ExxonMobil Oil Corp.

    Sony was trademarked by
    October 18, 1960.

    There are no previous trademark applications before this date.


    The relevant reference is here:

    The actual earliest trademark is here: