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Tink Thompson ambushed
  •  In today’s New York Times (11-22-12) on the online front page is an Errol Morris video of Tink Thompson.  Morris edits it in such a way that it’s just an obfuscation of nonsense when in fact Tink is exceedingly articulate.  (please don’t bother to watch Morris’ video).   I'm in Dallas and Tink is here too also at Lancer conference.   I approached Tink today and asked him if he had seen the NYT piece – no, he had not and he was a bit surprised to even learn of its existence, on the front page of the NYT no less.   We asked him when did the interview take place.  FOUR YEARS AGO!  That’s so dishonest of Morris to take an interview from 4 years ago and edit it to obfuscating shambles -- heaven forbid Morris not stay in lockstep with the corporate media line that a lone nut killed JFK. 

  • Is anyone surprised? Just remember, journalists were hanged at Nuremberg too.