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My 2013 COPA Presentation on YouTube

  • Presented in Dallas, Texas on November 23, 2013: "A Revolution of Mind"  by Greg Burnham


    Following the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy recognized that he had been bamboozled and took the shipʼs helm by storm. The shipʼs course began to be righted, not at first, but gradually—its captain, having gained sufficient experience—became bold.

    He refused to invade Cuba both during the Bay of Pigs and during the Cuban Missile Crisis; he pared back the CIA by signing National Security Action Memorandums 55, 56, and 57, making the Joint Chiefs of Staff directly responsible to the President for all Cold War Operations— effectively pulling the CIAʼs teeth; he directed the federal government to intervene in States where the Civil Rights of minorities were most egregiously being violated; he signed Executive Order 11110 extricating the United States from the death grip of debt imposed by the Federal Reserve thus allowing money to be printed directly by the Treasury Department...interest free; he took a giant leap toward peace during his speech at the American University where, for the first time, Americans were challenged—not to view the Soviets as a threat -- but rather to see the Russians as a People. On October 11, 1963 JFK solidified his commitment to peace by signing National Security Action Memorandum 263, ordering all personnel out of Vietnam by the end of 1965; and finally, his determination to explore pursuits of mutual benefit to both the United States and the Soviet Union is displayed in National Security Action Memorandum 271, of November 12, 1963 in which JFK instructs NASA to cooperate with the Soviet Union in outer space matters and joint lunar landing programs.

    Ten days later the enemies of peace acted against him and the winds of war prevailed.

  • heinrichheinrich
    Posts: 208
    Glad to see this online.
  • Greg that was amazing. Thank you for posting the link.

    I don't blame you for getting emotional. It's gut wrenching what we were robbed of that day.
  • Thanks for the kind words. I was somewhat torn between doing a more thorough job on the Bay of Pigs portion because it needed more time than that which was allotted. On the other side of the coin, the 50th anniversary only happens once. The Revolution of Mind portion would never be more relevant than it was for this year's conference. So I had to split the difference knowing that the BOP would not be as well covered as I would have liked. I had to pick only certain relevant evidence to my thesis to present. Perhaps at future conferences I can go into more depth.
  • I thought it was a good balance you worked out. I'm like you I just want the truth to be exposed for all to see. This thing still matters. How a President can be murdered, the fact that we have all this evidence that contradicts the official story, and the fact that there is this staggering level of denial is frightening to me. We have to have a day of reckoning with the past but that's just my opinion.
  • Thank you. I agree with your comment that: "We have to have a day of reckoning with the past but that's just my opinion."

    Yet I think it is also true that we are forced daily to reckon with the lie as it is. It is similar to a child who steals even a small amount of money from his mother's purse and then lies not only to her about the theft, but also lies to himself. Until the offense is admitted and the money is returned, the relationship between the child and his mother will suffer. More importantly, and more apropos to this situation, the relationship between the child and HIMSELF will suffer until the truth is told and restitution is made. Indeed, even if the amount of money stolen is too great for a young child to repay promptly, if ever -- still that monetary loss is not nearly as significant as the loss of trust between those in the relationship. In our situation, there is a complication. This is a government OF, BY, and FOR "We The People"(emphasis on the word "of" the people) which means that we cannot "blame the government" for maintaining this lie. We ARE the government...or at least we are supposed to be. So until we effectively salvage the truth from the compartmentalization of our own contrivance we (as a people) are very similar to the child that continues to lie to himself. Although progress has been made we have a long way to go. In other words, we have already uncovered the truth--even if the truth that we have uncovered is only that the official story is a lie--it is a beginning. The "child" has admitted he lied and that he hid the "money" (buried it) in his own back yard. He just hasn't told us exactly where the rest of it is located. Truth be told (no pun intended) much of the remaining details may well be irrelevant. And, those that do remain relevant may have already been destroyed.

    The Revolution of Mind of which I speak consists primarily of realizing and accepting the fact that myriad acts of deception were deliberately perpetrated in the JFK case--and, even more important--that those in power are not only capable of such perfidy, but that they practice it as a normal function of their job description every single day. Such an insidious modus operandi is counterintuitive to a free definition.

    I will never be Winston Smith. I will always hate Big Brother.

    Indeed: “Although I cannot move and I have to speak through a computer, in my mind I am free.”   --  Stephen Hawking

    If Stephen can do it, why not me?
  • You articulated that very well.

    Going back to your point in your last post. How do we go about salvaging the truth? Or is there anything we can do? Or are we condemned to wait until the final documents are scheduled to be released? Or who knows they could decide to push the release date further back. Sorry I'm just frustrated.
  • I share your frustration. However, in my opinion, it is equally important that we persist in pursuing the truth while--at the same time--personally refusing to be manipulated by the circumstances (intentionally) created by delay. If we allow mental manipulation to evolve into psychic enslavement then it won't matter one whit if and when all of the truth is revealed, for we will no longer be capable of enjoying liberty. Freedom is not something that any government can grant. Freedom is either enjoyed (experienced) or it is not. I will not depend on my government to provide the atmosphere wherein I can enjoy the benefits of liberty. I must create and preserve that space within my inner being now rather than wait to receive it as if it were a prize to be gifted by some authority at some future time.

    Sometimes when people recognize me or my name from my work they will ask some version of the following questions: "So who did it then? Who killed Kennedy? What exactly happened?" And my answer has become almost rote: "I don't know exactly who killed Kennedy. However, I DO know what did NOT happen and who could not have killed Kennedy--for certain. The Warren Report's version DID NOT happen. Oswald did NOT kill Kennedy. The HSCA's version is sorely lacking, as well, since the Mafia did NOT kill Kennedy either. I DO KNOW that the official story is a deliberately contrived deception designed not so much to fool the public as to control the masses."

    For me personally, I find liberation in accepting the fact that I do NOT know exactly what did happen, but I DO know that the official version is a lie because it could NOT have happened as reported given the evidence that we have. Those who claim to know exactly what did happen are trapped in delusion be they lone nut theory advocates or conspiracy advocates.

    As much as I admire John F. Kennedy and mourn his death to this very day, the great issue is no longer "Who done it?" -- Rather, the great issue is the fact that THE BIG LIE was told and is still being perpetuated. The crime of the century is neither the murder of JFK nor is it the conspiracy to murder JFK. The crime of the century is the cover-up.
  • I agree with what you said about freedom as well as what you said about what did and did not happen in regards to the Kennedy assassination.

    I don't know perhaps I'm asking for too much but I want someone in authority to fess up. If that can't happen then I think what first needs to happen here is we have to get it OFFICIALLY established that there was AT LEAST a fourth shot and a second gunman. Then the public has to be made aware and have the evidence presented to them. Once this happens that house of cards so to speak will begin to fall and the perpetrators will begin to run for cover.

    However of course that's just my two cents
  • Thanks for this heartfelt discussion on the effect of the lose of wholeness, from the lose of truth and it's persistence until the truth is restored.