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My Brand New Assassination of JFK website!
  • heinrichheinrich
    Posts: 208
    Site looks great.
  • Thanks for your great work, Greg, and for staying on the case. I know that I speak for many when I say that your courage and tenacity are appreciated.
  • heinrichheinrich
    Posts: 208
    The website has a clean, crisp look, which is great. You may want to consider foregrounding your Bay of Pigs work more. Which is to say, I know you most recently from your interview(s) and COPA talk on the true history of the Bay of Pigs. Assuming that is your strong suit, it may be better to make that less hidden, e.g. to take it out from under 'A Revolution of Mind' and slide it over to first place next to 'Home'. I can see your site having real value as a one-stop Bay of Pigs reference site.
    Posts: 131
    The site looks great! Thank you for your work and dedication to the case.