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Meet David Atlee Phillips
  • This is just some video I put together purely for what I thought would be it's research value. I have watched the documentary "On Company Business" many times, and I often thought how I'd like to just hear from one of those guys at a time. The doc features Joseph Burkholter Smith, Philip Agee, William Colby and David Atlee Phillips among many others. I'd actually love to do a whole series where I would excerpt each of the characters and cut them in stand alone monologues.

    Joseph Burkholter (sp?) Smith was the 'retired officer' who told Gaeton Fonzi and Dan Hardway to go f themselves when they came down to interview him in Florida for the HSCA. The famous story where Smith flips the credentials back at Fonzi and Hardway and says something to the effect 'Congress? What the <expletive> is that to me?'

    Anyway, I present this video for whatever research value one might derive from it. I personally find Phillips spellbinding. Talk about knowing where the bodies are buried! Phillips pairs nicely with video circulating out there showing how angry David Morales was at Kennedy personally over the Bay Of Pigs failure.

    David Atlee Phillips YouTube video:

  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444

    Nice work, Shane. image A poster that went by 'streeb' had a great line about DAP with regards to E Howard Hunt's deathbed "confession" ..

    streeb wrote: I think it's bullshit. Interesting that he doesn't include David Atlee Phillips in the plot. LBJ? Sure. Whatever.

    This is a partial admission of something resembling truth, with an all
    important clause exonerating Hunt. It'll satisfy a portion of the
    assasination nerds, but I don't buy it. And to use his son as the
    messenger? Assuming that any of this actually transpired between Hunt
    and St. John, and further assuming that Hunt is feeding him lies, then
    it's a hugely shitty thing to do. But not worse than anybody reading
    this blog would expect from the man.
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444