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Mossad Freudian Slip
  • OpenEyesOpenEyes
    Posts: 72
    yep,, truths slip out.   It's at the end of the of this short 2:23 minute clip (at about 2:00) that Juval Aviv, international "security expert" and supposedly former Mossad agent lets the cat out of the bag.  
  • He looked super guilty when the camera first went to him. What a freakin'piece of filth, moron.
  • LordBaltoLordBalto
    Posts: 219
    Interesting. Keep in mind that English isn't this guy's first language. The difference between "they" and "we" isn't as obvious to him as it is to you or me. I wouldn't construct an entire conspiracy theory on the basis of an incorrect pronoun. I continue to marvel at how people find it easier to imagine a foreign intelligence agency doing something hideous than their own governments, whether British, North American, or European. Are Western spooks so inept that they aren't aware of what the Israelis are doing?

    There are elements here of both anti-Semitism ("it's all the Jews fault") and the myth of Jewish intelligence (all Jews are geniuses). At the heart of the latter is a belief among certain Westerners that they are somehow inferior. Or that their compatriots are incapable of such dastardly deeds. Christians, after all, are such holy folks that they couldn't possibly murder a president or blow up a subway or demolish an office building. Think again fellahs, there's no one more dangerous than someone who thinks some magical being in the sky is going to forgive his earthly crimes.