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  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Jim and Len were talking about the House Select Committee on Assassinations in anticipation of next week's show. Looking forward to that and the audio from some of the hearings.

    Of course it's worth remembering that as with the .. Warren Commission .. Jim Garrison investigation .. Iran-Contra .. 9/11 Cover-Up Commission .. these were designed limited-hangouts from the jump.
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Louis Stokes,
    the chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Standards of
    Official Conduct, known as the Ethics Committee, annonuced that the
    Committee was joining the FBI and local law enforcement in their
    investigations. Stokes said the Ethics Committee would widen the scope
    of the investigation to include a range of alleged irregularities on
    Capitol Hill including sexual relations between pages and congressmen,
    and charges that a cocaine and marijuana ring operated in Congress and
    used pages and congressional employers as couriers...

    Post-Gerald Ford and Pre-Lee Hamilton .. Louis Stokes appears to have been another one of those reliable deep-state fixers. Both in this case and as Chairman of the House Select Committee on Assassinations before this...
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    House Select Committee on Assassinations

    Downing was appointed Chairman of the House Select Committee on
    Assassinations by Carl Albert, the Speaker of the United States House of
    Representatives.[1] The Committee was tasked to look into evidence that
    was not available to the Warren Commission during its investigation of
    the assassination of John F. Kennedy.[1] Upon his retirement from
    Congress in 1977, Louis Stokes succeeded Downing as Chairman.[1]

    stated before[2] and after[1] the HSCA's investigation that he believed
    there was a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy. He said that he was
    skeptical that Lee Harvey Oswald could accurately fire a bolt-action
    rifle within a short span of time, and he believed video footage of the
    assassination showed that Kennedy was struck from the front and the
    rear.[1] According to a theory provided by Downing, one which he said
    was without evidence and based on speculation, anti-Castro Cuban exiles
    killed Kennedy due to his failure to support them after the 1961 Bay of
    Pigs invasion.[1] Downing stated that they expected pro-Castro Cubans
    would be blamed for the assassination in retaliation for the attempted
    assassination of Fidel Castro by United States agents.[1] Downing said:
    "I am firmly convinced, I am sincerely convinced, that more than one
    person was shooting at President Kennedy in Dallas that day. It is so
    obvious to me."[1]

    Downing described JFK, Oliver Stone's 1991
    film about the assassination of Kennedy, as "implausible".[1] He said:
    "It's impossible to tell where fact stops and fiction starts, it blends
    in so well."[1]

    Prior to the investigation, James J. Kilpatrick
    described Downing as "a man of exception integrity and common sense" yet
    "not altogether unbiased in the matter of Kennedy's assassination". Robert
    P. Gemberling, head of the FBI's investigation of the assassination for
    thirteen years after the release of the Warren Commission's report,
    said in 1976 that Thomas_N. Downing and his successor, Henry B. Gonzalez, had "preconceived conspiracy theories"
    .[3] ...
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444

    It's funny looking back at the Watergate, Iran-Contra, and HSCA hearings... being very naive at the time it really seemed that we were finally
    getting the whole story on the inner workings of the government. Of
    course that naiveté was understandable given that we were all in the
    dark about the machinations of these committees.

    So in the end
    Louis Stokes was selected to control the message with a big assist from
    chief counsel Robert Blakey. Blakey had replaced the incorruptible
    Richard Sprague. Sprague was however able to add some lasting legitimacy
    to the investigation by hiring Gaeton Fonzi...

  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Mr. Blakey was criticized by Mr. Fonzi as overly deferential to the
    C.I.A., and he now concedes that Mr. Fonzi was probably right on that
    score. Mr. Blakey said he was shocked in 2003 when declassified C.I.A.
    documents revealed the full identity of the retired agent who had acted
    as the committee’s liaison to the C.I.A. The agency never told Mr.
    Blakey that the agent, George Joannides, had overseen a group of
    anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Dallas in the months before the
    assassination, when Oswald had two well-publicized clashes with them.

    the time of the revelation, the C.I.A. said Mr. Joannides had withheld
    nothing relevant from the committee. Mr. Joannides died in 1990.

    Joannides obstructed our investigation,” Mr. Blakey said. Asked how
    that had affected the committee’s work, he added: “We’ll never know. But
    I can say that for a guy like Gaeton, a guy who really wanted to know
    what happened to Kennedy, it kind of tortured him.” ...

  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Jim DiEugenio: Wow, I am kind of shocked. That was actually kind of good.
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Excellent interview by Len last night.  It seems like Blakey got a little flustered.

    Lisa Pease tweeted a link.
  • Blakey sounded complicit.

    Len handled his offensive, baloney tactics well, by letting him rattle off his hackneyed lines. ("You don't understand, I had to get my report off and I'll have you know that I came in on time and under budget"). As Chris Rock would say, "What do you want, a cookie?"

    Len made a good point, when he questioned this "by all means let's not blame Russia" nonsense.

    When I hear someone rattling on about that "tissue of lies", I feel that the individual is indeed in on the cover-up.

    No one with any sense buys that load of nonsense.

    These murderous morons give themselves away with their trumped up fantasies.

    Gaeton Fonzi, now there is an American.
  • This morning I just finished reading Fonzi's book. The big take away for me is 911 activists must stop asking for a fresh government Investigation. Like JFK the CIA's fingerprints are all over 911. They have the motive and means to sabotage it just as they did the House Select. This time instead of the Mob did it we'd be stuck with 19 arabs

  • Unfortunately, you are so right.
  • I found a good link. This is the taped interview of Vincent Salandria when Gaeton Fonzi went to his law office to talk to him about why he was questioning the Warren Commission. It gets goosebump bad at about 56 minutes into the interview. Worth listening to the entire interview. There is a squealing noise in the background for the first segment which goes away. You can still hear their voices clearly even then, with the aid of headphones.