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Black Op #703 Jim D's review of Kill the Messenger
  • I was quite surprised to hear Jim DiEugenio regard Gary Webb's death as a suicide.   Two shots to the head?   Hard to believe he was not, as James Corbett calls it, suicided.     

    I know Jim has major issues with John Hankey apart from the Gary Webb story.   In any event, Hankey claims he was retaining Cyril Wecht to do Webb's autopsy but was stopped by Lisa Pease.  OK, this is probably all old news to alot of you folks, but it is certainly new news to me.  And I am so puzzled by it.  Why don't these suspicious deaths mandate an autopsy (Webb, Hastings).    

    The weird thing about Hankey's piece -- really weird, IMHO -- is that he writes as if Mike Ruppert were still alive.  

    Does anyone agree with me that it is majorly unfortunate that Wecht was prevented from doing an autopsy?

    Here's the link to Hankey's piece which had me raising my eyebrows until they were sore.