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Len's Great Quote - Bill Kelly Interview
  • "Well, you can believe in Santa Claus if you want to, we just want to see more evidence." Len Osanic's response to Blakeys' belief in the single bullet theory.
  • heinrichheinrich
    Posts: 208
    This is a great formula for expressing what true empiricism is.

    The universe is a wild and crazy place. There is no certainty in it. But what we know, we know based on evidence.

    There continue to be people even to this day who have a childish belief in the State much like people generations ago believed in the Sunday school version of God, Jesus, and so on. These people cannot bring themselves to believe that government and the people inside government are very different than the popular fairy tales would have us believe.

    That's where evidence comes in. Evidence has to be followed, and evidence always comes first in the form of anomalies. A woman who might hate to believe that her husband is capable of cheating on her nevertheless must take notice of the lipstick on his collar. A set of concerned parents might hate to believe the local priest of bad conduct, but when several kids come home in tears at the same time and say similar things - you have to follow the evidence.

    Same with the assassinations. And dare I say it, though the parochial JFK research community tries to distance itself from even more fringe topics - it's the same with Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, and so on. Personally, I draw no conclusions about the nature of the world we live in, other than that it's usually other than what we expect.
  • I had two experiences today of talking to friends who seem to be living in an alternate universe from myself. Their worlds are made up by information that has a certain imprimatur.

    In one case the individual believed anything that emanated from "major" television channels. The other person would only consider information that had been generated by "the educational system".

    As they were commenting on events, I reflected on how far they were removed from the type of information that is presented by Doug Horne in this 6 hour testimonial that I just finished listening to.