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Joan Mellen and Robert Groden batter Blakey
  • I really appreciated Joan Mellen's recent appearance on Black Op #713.   The AARC conference for the 50th anniversary of the Warren Commission infuriated her for letting Robert Blakey speak and not holding him to the fire for the damage he did on the House Select Committee.  OK, so now he admits he was hoodwinked for believing in the CIA (just as Slawson recently has -- naifs or what?), yet Joan notes that he still peddles the Mafia-did-it line but now it is Marcello not Trafficante who is the bad guy.  Further, Blakey admitted at the conference in response to David Mantik's question that he still believes the lone gunman theory.  In short, the guy is still doing damage to the truth.  

    Thank you to Robert Groden on Black Op #716 who says he doesn't believe that Blakey actually believes the lone gunman theory, back then and even today.   I would agree with Groden.  Intelligent people cannot look at the evidence, especially #399 the pristine bullit and believe that crap.   Blakey's ego can't admit wrong.   Or is he beholden to some entity to continue with this BS?