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CIA or Morons
  • fretheadfrethead
    Posts: 5
    I've been interested in the Kennedy Assassination ever since I saw the series " The Men Who Killed Kennedy". I've been to plenty of sites on the subject and the comments from the Warren Commission  Worshipers never ceases to amaze and infuriate me at the same time. I'm convinced by the great work of all the dedicated researchers that all is not what it seems to be, to say the least. These researchers have proven that this episode in American History was a deliberate attempt to overthrow the government. They've proven it a thousand ways to Sunday, but there always seems to be the illuminated few who seem to think that the rest of us are either fools or crazy. Who are these few? Are they CIA operatives working in a room with computers, using different handles to disguise themselves or a they actually morons. I can dismiss the latter and truly feel sorry for them. They've drank the Kool-Aid. As for the former, they are nothing more than traitorous scum. But make no mistake, they are clever, manipulating people that will say anything for a buck, or because they have to under threat of blackmail. The former is not even worth responding to, but for the latter, I have a question I'd like you to answer, and it should tell you a lot about yourself as to how you answer. "Lets say your married with a beautiful stay at home wife and two adorable kids. You live in a nice area in a nice house, with neighbors that kinda watch out for each other. Three white men pull up in a car that none of your neighbors have seen before. They park right in front of your house and suspiciously look at your house for a long period of time, taking pictures and talking amongst themselves, never once setting so much as a toe on your property. Now you come home for lunch and walk in the door and find your wife and kids bludgeoned to death. You phone the police and they're on it. A couple of hours latter they get back to you and tell you they've got the killer. A black man arrested across town as the sole perpetrator. So you think the case is solved, but then your neighbors start telling you about three strange men watching your house for hours before. You tell the police and they say it means nothing. Nobody ever saw a black man, only white guys. Do you take the word of the police and disregard the white guys or do you start to think something's not right here". I tend to think that most people would think something stunk pretty bad. The same applies to this. There are so many unanswered questions, omissions, half truths and downright impossible explanations that the American public ought to be furious with the WC conclusions. It seems the American people are like the little old lady, living by herself and gets defrauded out of her savings and is too embarrassed to tell anyone as to not look stupid. Well America, you look STUPID. The rest of the world knows and maybe it's time for you to admit you were conned. It' not too late.
  • LordBaltoLordBalto
    Posts: 219
    This really is a false dichotomy. Perhaps they are morons working for the CIA. Or delusional characters who identify with those in power and subconsciously do their bidding. The dynamics of thought control are complex and not easily understood.

    And as for "unanswered questions," there aren't nearly as many as you suggest. We know that General Lansdale was there, identified by General Krulak, doing what he did best--overthrowing governments. What else do we really need to know? Whether Tippit was behind the wall shooting? Whether Ruby killed Tippit? Whether Oswald was an agent for the FBI/CIA/Russians/Cubans? It doesn't matter. The perpetrators were spooks doing the bidding of the corporations. Everything else is graffiti on the wall in front of the firing squad.